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High School Scheduling for 2022-2023 School Year

Twinsburg High School Students:

Below are all of the materials you will need to create your schedule for the 2022-2023 school year, as well as important dates/deadlines.  Please take time to review the following resources. These will walk you through the steps and deadlines to schedule your classes for next year.  

2022-2023 Course Catalog  -Find out detailed descriptions of classes and prerequisites. Catalog available in student's google classroom. 

COURSE OFFERINGS SHEETS: Circle your 9 courses (7 courses and 2 alternate electives). Use the course offerings sheet to compete your course selection sheets that will be signed and turned in accordingly. 

Class of 2023: Class of 2023 Senior Course Offerings

Class of 2024: Class of 2024 Junior Course Offerings

Class of 2025: Class of 2025 Sophomore Course Offerings

COURSE SELECTION SHEETS:  Students will be receiving their course offering and course selections sheets through School Counselor meetings on the dates listed below. Students will compete their selection sheets after being advised by their teachers and parents. ALL selections will require their current subject area signatures. Elective options will not require a signature unless they require a pre-requisite. 

Class of 2023: Class of 2023 Senior Course Selection Sheet

                          Class of 2023 Senior CVCC Course Selection Sheet

                          Class of 2024 Junior CVCC Course Selection Sheet


Class of 2023: Class of 2023 Senior Scheduling Presentation

Class of 2024: Class of 2024 Junior Scheduling Presentation

Class of 2025: Class of 2025 Sophomore Scheduling Presentation


Find out how much time you are committing to each course you select.  

HONORS DIPLOMA OPTIONS - Learn about the different honors diplomas.

CCP (College Credit Plus) LETTER OF INTENT - Watch the CCP informational video on the evening of February 7th. Once you have submitted your interest through completion of your letter of intent, you will be added to our CCP Google Classroom for additional information. The letter of intent link will accept responses starting February 8th.  





School Counselor Scheduling Presentations-

January 31 & February 1- Incoming Freshman- Class of 2026- Through 8th Grade Social Studies Classes at RBC

February 1 & February 2- Class of 2023- Class of 2025 will receive their materials through Social Studies Classes. 

February 3- February 11: Review your scheduling materials with your teachers and parents and select your final decisions to input online. Obtain all signatures from your teachers. 

February 7: Educational Options Night: View videos and information provided on the THS Educational Options, available online at 6pm on the THS Website. 

February 15 & 16 : Input course requests with your school counselor in your English class. Instructions and login sent to your school email. INSTRUCTIONS AND YOUR LOGIN CODE TO INPUT YOUR REQUESTS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU ON FEBRUARY 14TH. KEEP AN EYE OUT IN YOU STUDENT EMAIL!

February 17 - March 18: You will meet individually with your school counselor to verify your requests, review credits, and answer any scheduling questions. Counselors will meet with students during study lab OR elective courses if students do not have a scheduled study lab. 

March 25: Course verifications will be mailed home for review.