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Julia Rozsnyai, 


Phone: 330.486.2017

Welcome to the Treasurer’s office

The Treasurer serves as the District’s Chief Financial Officer and reports directly to the Board of Education. The Office of the Treasurer/CFO oversees all financial operations of the Twinsburg City School District. This responsibility encompasses the receipting, accounting, investing, and disbursing of all funds as required by law, and in accordance with Board of Education policies. Within these responsibilities there are major financial functions essential to the compliance, and financial operations of the school district.

Some of these functions include administering/preparing of:

  • Annual Budget/Appropriations
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Annual Financial Reports
  • Compilation and submission of the Five-Year Forecast
  • Collaboration with the Superintendent, other district departments and school buildings in the Grants Management and all other fiscal areas.
  • Monthly and quarterly balancing and reporting
  • Payroll 
  • Providing all necessary documents and information to the State Auditor’s office for the district’s annual audit
  • The Treasurer also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Education, maintaining meeting minutes.
The Office of the Treasurer/CFO is committed to transparency, accountability, and serving the interests of all stakeholders of the Twinsburg City School District. The District consistently receives the Auditor of State Award with Distinction for a “clean” financial audit report.

Treasurer's Department

John Frammartino, Assistant Treasurer

Donna Kelly, Budgetary Officer

Amy Vargo, Payroll Administrator

Sandra Meyer, Accounting Clerk