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Flyer Submission:

Email request for flyer approval to Marianne Franko at [email protected] following the instructions below:

·   Flyer submission must be requested at least five (5) days before approval is needed/granted and posting can occur.

·   Each flyer approval request must be submitted via email with the flyer as a searchable PDF attachment.  The email must contain the official name of the organization, confirmation of non-profit status (if applicable), address, and a contact phone number.   The PDF format should be without interactive capability, active or hot links to any other site or address.  All flyers with accompanying forms must be downloadable.

·   In addition, by submitting the form, the organization will be agreeing to a verification of accuracy of information statement.


·   25 copies of the flyer must be made available for distribution to each of the District's five (5) buildings for those individuals who may not have access to the internet.  These flyers will be available for distribution through the literature racks in the main offices once approval is granted by the Superintendent.  

·   Flyers from for-profit organizations will only be posted online and will not be distributed via the school buildings.

Flyer Approval:

Twinsburg Board of Education policy concerning advertising, political campaigns and materials and legal opinion concerning separation of church and state will be used to help determine what flyers are approved for Flyer Central.

·   Only the Twinsburg City School District, the municipalities of Twinsburg, Reminderville and Twinsburg Township; the Twinsburg Public Library; local student-affiliated organizations; churches and/or businesses are eligible to use this service.

·   Flyers from religious organizations may not contain any reference to religious or proselytizing language.

·   Board policy also prohibits using the District website for political materials.

·   Flyers will not be approved that contain hate language, sexually explicit or racial language, innuendo,  inappropriate graffiti, symbols or photos, language that can be construed as inappropriate or foul.

·   Flyers will not be approved from for-profit organizations that promote programs that are in direct competition with publicized Twinsburg City School District, local municipal recreation programs or programs sponsored by the Twinsburg Public Library.

Fee Structure:

·   Groups, organizations, churches and businesses must be designated as non-profit for the flyer to be posted without a fee.

·   Local groups, organizations, churches and businesses who sponsor for-profit student-centered activities may submit flyers for consideration, however a posting fee of $25 per week of post will be charged and must be paid prior to the flyer being posted. The fee will not be prorated.  Make checks payable to Twinsburg City Schools and deliver to the Board of Education office at 11136 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

Notification of Approval or Denial for Flyer:

All parties submitting a flyer and request for approval will receive a confirmation or denial of approval via email within five (5) days.

Timeline for Postings:

Approved flyers from non-profit organizations will remain posted for one (1) day past the event date and no longer than 30 days.  For the purposes of posting, a week is defined as Friday through Thursday.

Please Note:

The Twinsburg City School District does not support or endorse any organizations and/or activities/events identified in the flyers/notices with the exception of those sponsored by the school district.