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Entry Year Teacher Program

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Department Information

Objectives of the Entry Year Program:
  • Develop a working knowledge of the district's and school's vision and mission statements.
  • Provide, via the mentor, in-classroom assistance in solving problems that typically confront new teachers.
  • Continually develop and refine instructional and classroom management skills.
  • Become familiar with resource personnel in the district and building (special education, media, secretarial, etc.)
  • Stay current regarding the policies, regulations and operating procedures in the school.
  • Maintain awareness of general and specific duties related to teaching/administrating (i.e. reports to parents, parent conferences).
  • Develop a working knowledge of materials and facilities.
  • Become knowledgeable about the students and community.
  • Encourage participation in professional development opportunities and in professional organizations.
  • Provide mentoring assistance based on the Resident Educator Program.
Please contact Jennifer Farthing for additional information regarding the mentoring program.