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Twinsburg City Schools Vision for Technology
We will provide all students with a technology-integrated education that promotes independence, success and life long learning.

Technology Mission
Our mission is to provide a partnership between teachers, parents, and community. Our continuous goals are:
  • Center on curriculum and content providing all students with the opportunity to achieve competence in technology according to Academic Content Standards and individual growth.
  • Transfer learned skills into real life situations allowing students independence and success in future endeavors.
  • Enhance research for our teachers through delivering lessons in innovative ways and challenging computer literacy curriculum for all students in their daily learning environment.
  • Provide the best possible technology through integrating Academic Content Standards, teaching techniques, and information processing throughout the district and community.

Get Ready for Google Workspace for Education

Technology Ticket (FMX)

Click the link below, click Staff Login and enter your network username and password. Then use the above instructions to enter a Technology or Maintenance ticket.

Hints & Instructions:

Interactive Boards


Android Devices (phones and tablets) - Please Note - You must have a screen pattern lock or password on your device to be able to do this.  
Download the certificate from here. Open with defaults.
At the Name the certificate screen give the certificate a name (whatever you like) and press the OK button.

iOS Devices (ipad/iphone)
Download the certificate here within Safari.
Click on the downloaded file and press the Install button.
You will be prompted with a warning message that says, "Installing this profile will change settings on your iPad." Press the Install Now button.

Mac (OS-X)
Download in the installer from here.
Open up the archive and run the installer.
In some instances this does not work and a manual install is required. Please follow the instructions here

Windows PC
Follow the directions for Chrome  here and for Firefox here.

Personal Chromebook - no action is needed - please sign in with your school account. Private accounts are not supported. 

Software and Hardware Acquisition

Director of Curriculum & Technology:
Jennifer Farthing
Network Manager: 
Marcus Madden 

Technical Support Specialist:
Alan DeAmon
Kelly Shaffer
Marcie Shaffer
Curriculum & Technology Supervisor:
Beth Mariola
Software Support Specialist: 
Linda Garner 

Technology Resources Assistants:
Aimee Bell

Parent Resources

Parent Zone is a parenting organization working to make the online world a safer, more positive place for families and children.

Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

I Keep Safe

Looking for fun ways to keep your kids learning at home? Try these engaging digital skills lessons to set them up for success in remote learning and beyond.