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Progress Book FAQ

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Progress Book FAQ

Q. Why does my student have a red W beside their name?
A. The red W signifies that the student has withdrawn from your class. To remove the student from your roster ~ Open the class, Choose Update Roster, Click in the box to Hide the student, Choose Save.
Q. What is "posting marks to the web"?
A. Assignment marks are NOT automatically posted to the web.

For EACH assignment you have to click the box that says "Post the marks to the web".

You can check the box on the Marks tab of the assignment, or in your Gradebook Grid at the bottom of each column.
Q. What are the comment codes for my building?
A. See documents in the blue bar on the right.
Q. Can I check if a parent logged into Parent Access?
A. You can check if a parent has logged into Parent Access on Progress book in 2 ways.

1. Click on the students name on your dashboard. On the first page (Personal page) you will see parent access usage.


2. By report - Parent Access Login Activity Audit

Select Parent Access Login Activity Audit in the Run a Report list.
Click Run.
Select the appropriate student(s).
Select the appropriate reporting period.
Select one or more of the following account types:
Parents - displays parent log ins
Parents (Never logged in) -- displays parent account users who have never logged in.

Please note parents and students are sharing the same login - so we will never see any student activity.
Q. How do I view progress of a student in all of their classes?
A. When you are in one of your classes - click on a student's name.
Click on the Assessment tab.
You can look at progress for a particular class by click on the View Student progress next to the class name.


You can view all their progress - by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking - View All Progress. This will give you a list of each class and all the assignments for a student.
Q. Where can I add narrative comments for a student?
A. See document to the right for the three locations to add comments.
Q. Where do I enter my email address in ProgressBook?
A. Please see document to the right showing where to enter your email address.