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Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters
Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters (TOB) is an organization of parents and community members interested in promoting and supporting the Twinsburg Orchestra program. The program runs from 4th grade through high school under the direction of Mr. Damon Conn.
We support the orchestra through various fundraisers, program advertisements, and donations from orchestra patrons. Funds raised help with the purchase of music, instruments, contest fees, concert refreshments, student awards, uniforms, and events (to name a few).
2019-2020 Twinsburg High School Symphony Orchestra 
Twinsburg High School Orchestra: Senior Focus 2020-2021

Senior Focus: Each month TOB will be showcasing our talented seniors.

Shyliss Ruffin 

Shyliss Ruffin


What I play:

I play the violin, but I actually did not choose this instrument. I was forced into playing the violin, and I originally wanted to play bass. I can’t imagine myself as a bass player and I’m very grateful that I ended up with this beautiful instrument.

What I love about the orchestra:

There are many things I love about the orchestra, but the thing I love most is the people I have met. I met my best friend in this orchestra, and I would not have known her at all if not for this program. I also met an amazing group of people who changed my outlook on life and made my experience in orchestra one that I could not forget. We made so many great memories from playing cards in the cello room to watching the skyline of New York City.

From hearing the beautiful music we make and the plethora of inside jokes we have created, including Mr. Conn’s crazy stories, I can honestly say that orchestra is one of the best things that I have ever been a part of. This class has been one of the only constants in my life, and it quickly became a solace to me. If there were challenges in school or at home, I knew that orchestra would stay unaffected, and it has. I would not be who I am today without orchestra.

Who is your favorite composer:

My favorite composer is Claude Debussy, and it is because his music is very dreamlike. It reflects my relationship to music in that it is an escape, a dream state, a wave of calm. I relate to the feeling it gives me, and in the future, I hope I can create music as lovely as this.

Now, take a listen: 

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