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Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters

Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters (TOB) is an organization of parents and community members interested in promoting and supporting the Twinsburg Orchestra program. The program runs from 4th grade through high school under the direction of Mr. Damon Conn.
We support the orchestra through various fundraisers, program advertisements, and donations from orchestra patrons. Funds raised help with the purchase of music, instruments, contest fees, concert refreshments, student awards, uniforms, and events (to name a few).
2019-2020 Twinsburg High School Symphony Orchestra 

Twinsburg High School Orchestra: Welcome to 2021-2022

Senior Focus: Each month TOB will be showcasing our talented seniors.

Gillian Robbins

Name:  Gillian Robbins
Instrument:  Violin 9 years
Years in Orchestra:  9th year

What position or seat do you currently hold in the Orchestra?  Assistant Concert Master / First Violinist.  Also, Vice President of the Orchestra

What do you like about being in Orchestra?  I love the sense of community. I love working together with the rest of the group to create something bigger than myself.

Why did you decide to join?   I always liked the violin.

How do you think your Orchestra experience will benefit you after High School?  It will help me to be focused and detail-oriented in everything I do.

What was your favorite moment in Orchestra?  Traveling to New York with the group, bonding together on the bus rides, and playing in the cathedral.

Do you have a favorite song you performed?  The Dargason which is the Finale of the Saint Paul Suite & Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony

What are you looking forward to doing after graduation from high school?  I’m looking forward to college and the opportunity to live on my own.

To donate to the Twinsburg Orchestra or pay a uniform fee, please follow the link below:

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