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Electrify Your Strings

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Electrify Your Strings!

Hello Orchestra Student Parents,

As you all know all Twinsburg Orchestra students grades 5th though 12th will partake in the Electrify Your Strings - Victory Tour Concert February 22nd. We are all very excited and working hard to prepare for this concert. A lot of information has been coming your way from school with your children and emails. So please take note to all paperwork, emails, and dead lines.

All students are to purchase a concert t-shirt. ($15) They are expected to wear this with blue jeans the night of he concert. This is the concert uniform. Order forms for the concert t-shirts and tickets for the concert were sent home with the students last week from school, so look for them if you haven't see them already! Please order before the dead line so that we receive them in time for the concert. The forms are attached here just in case.

Please try and purchase tickets as soon as possible as this concert will be open to the public. Twinsburg Parks and Rec. Department will also help promote and sell tickets. We will have a Will Call Table for tickets being held for the night of the concert. We expect a sell out, but if any tickets remain we will sell them the night of the concert. The seats are first come first serve when the doors open. There will be reserved seats for the 5th and 6th grade performing students for a portion of the concert. Since seating is a premium, we ask that no empty seats be left between people in the audience - we want family members to all be able to sit together if possible.

As this concert evening will be very busy we are hoping to have extra volunteers to help usher and such that evening. If you are able to help supervise a dinner, help manage lines before and after the concert, or any other of the many available jobsTuesday and Wednesday, please let us know!

The students will have the workshop with Mark Wood after school on February 21st & 22nd at the High school with a dinner break. Boosters will be providing food during the dinner breaks for those students who must remain after the dinner break.

Dodge and Chamberlin students that play Bass and Cello need to bring their instruments to the high school on Tuesday afternoon for the work shop. They will be able to leave their instruments in the auditorium until Wednesday as it will be locked up. Violin and viola players should plan to bring their instruments back and forth from the workshops. Make sure all instruments have the owner's name clearly marked on it to avoid any confusion!

Thank you parents for your continued support of the Twinsburg Schools Orchestra Program!

Julie Storc
Twinsburg Orchestra Booster President
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