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Orchestra Board and Chairs

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Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters - About Us

Our Mission 
Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters (TOB) is an organization of parents and community members interested in promoting and supporting the Twinsburg Orchestra program. The program runs from 4th grade through high school under the direction of Mr. Damon Conn.
We support the orchestra through various fundraisers, program advertisements, and donations from orchestra patrons. Funds raised help with the purchase of music, instruments, contest fees, concert refreshments, student awards, uniforms, and events (to name a few).

TOB Board and Chair Members
Director: Damon Conn
Dodge Orchestra: Claire Jarmusik
President: Brenda Robbins 
Vice-President, Ways and Means: Amy Jenyk 
Vice-President, Publicity: OPEN
Treasurer: Cheryl Coyle
Secretary: Nick Gichenko  
Event Coordinators: Kristen Callahan
Media Chair: Amy Jenyk
Ad Sales Chair: Kristen Callahan
Wardrobe Coordinator:  Kathy Ouma
Fundraising Chair: OPEN
Website Coordinator: Amy Jenyk  
THS Orchestra Student Officers

Music Librarian: 

Constitution and Bylaws
The Twinsburg Orchestra Boosters is governed by the following: 
Non-Profit 503(c)(3) Status
The TOB is officially a Non-Profit organization. With this status, we can:
  • Accept tax deductible contributions from individuals and organizations.
  • Accept matching donations to your contribution from your employer (if they have such a program). Please be sure to check with your business and see if they provide them.
  • Apply for grants from a variety of philanthropic organizations and the government.
Having a 501(c)(3) status can open many contribution doors for us if we get everyone involved. Please email the TOB at [email protected] if you would like to assist.