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App Request Form

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Apple iPad Apps Purchase Process

Please read the App Purchase Information Document. -->
Then fill in the App request form below to start the process.
App Request Form
Please answer the following questions about the App you would like to purchase. Instructions for purchasing Apps will be provided after approval.


Teacher Name
Have you contacted your building principal or department head regarding this purchase? Please list date contacted and any further information.
Name of app (please be specific)
Price (per app)
Funding source (please be specific)
Who will use this app?

How many iPads will use this app? (Please note we must purchase the app for each iPad that will run it)
For Admin/Teacher apps: Please describe the reason/need for this app and how it will be used.
Does this app require a username and password to use?

The following questions are for Student app purchases:

Grade level

Content Area (check all that apply)

How will students use this app to integrate technology?

How will students use this app?

What are some instructional objectives this app will help students accomplish?
Have you downloaded this app to your iPad? If so, please describe your experience with it.
What are the next steps for students using this app? Can the work be exported, emailed, published, or saved (or N/A)?
Flexibility - Refers to the frequency of use, applicable grade levels, and applicable content areas.

Ease of Use - Refers to the difficulty of student use.

Usage - Refers to how the app will be used in relationship to the 4 C's of Technology Integration (Content Consumption/Skill Practice, Communication, Collaboration, Creation).

Next Steps - Refers to the location, exporting, and sharing of student work.

Cost - Is reflective of VPP purchase pricing.

Your Name:
Your Email:
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To validate your submission, please type the answer to the question.