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New Beginnings...

Emily Hunt, THS Principal
Dear Tiger Family,

Welcome into the 2023 - 2024 school year! This is the perfect time to take a minute to reflect upon all the synonyms for the word beginning, like birth, dawn, genesis, and creation. If starting with the end in mind, what do I want the year to bear? What can I visualize on the horizon? What new habit will have its genesis this year? What outcomes do I want to create?

As I transition from Assistant Principal to the Principal of Twinsburg High School, I will work to bear good fruit–positive, supportive relationships with students, staff, families, and the community that yield successes each day, academically, mentally, and behaviorally. On the horizon, I see the Class of 2024’s graduates’ smiling pictures on the sign on the lawn in front of the building, along with all other classes working toward that same goal for their respective years. To that end, we all have to develop habits that support that outcome each and every day.

 I am BEYOND honored and thrilled that this is the work that I get to do. Further, I am happy to continue that work in a school, district, and community that embodies collaborative efforts, pride, and compassion.

Let’s have an AMAZING year together, one day at a time!

With Tiger pride and love,

Emily Hunt