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Senior Experience

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Senior Experience
                                                             Important Dates
                        Senior Experience                 April 24 - May 12, 2023
                        Application Deadline             April 6, 2023
                        Mandatory Meeting               April 13, 2023  
                        Symposium                           May 16, 2023

Twinsburg High School offers its senior students the opportunity to participate in an invaluable Senior Experience.  The Twinsburg High School Senior Experience will allow students an opportunity to experience a real-world work environment as they shadow a professional in their chosen field at a work site outside of  the school setting.  

Class of 2023 seniors have the option to complete their Senior Experience with a professional who works remotely from home or works “in-person” at their place of employment. The option of Twinsburg Academy Projects are also available.                  

The following information serves as a brief outline describing expectations and eligibility for students interested in participating in this program. Application for Senior Experience will be available to students in the Class of 2023 Google Classroom.

1. Students must meet all academic eligibility requirements. Participation will not be approved for students who are in danger of failing any courses.

2. The work must be voluntary; there may be no compensation of any kind.

3. It is the sole responsibility of the STUDENT to locate his/her job site placement. (This is not the responsibility of Twinsburg High School.)
4. Students will enlist the help of a THS staff member who will serve as their faculty advisor throughout the Senior Experience. On-going communication with the advisor is mandatory.
5. All students must report to their job sites in person or remotely a minimum of 60 hours during the 3-week period.  30 hours for CVCC students. AP and DC students are given hours for in class and test hours.(A daily log sheet must be kept.) If you do not complete the experience you will be required to complete all school work that you have missed.
6. Symposium Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - this will be a 3-5 minute presentation. 

Applications will be posted in September