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Transcript Request - Current THS Students

THS & RBC Graduates and Former Students:  PLEASE do not use this form!

Senior College Transcript Request Information

For Guidance Department Processing:  Please allow two weeks during the regular school year and
four weeks from October through December.

College Deadlines:  Please submit request four (4) weeks prior to college deadline date.
Students are responsible for knowing college deadline dates and if it is a "postmarked by" or "received by" date.  College deadlines given should be the actual college deadline, not the date the student would like the request completely processed and mailed. Requests received under four (4) weeks to the "postmarked by" or "received by" date are not guaranteed to be mailed or received by the deadline date.


Q:  "I keep receiving letters/emails saying that my transcript is not received or the website shows my transcript is not received, but I submitted my request a while ago."
A:  Some colleges generate letters/emails immediately upon submitting your online application.  The Guidance Office processing procedures shown above still apply.  Check with the Guidance Office for the mailing date.  After two to three weeks from the mailing date, if the college says the haven't received your transcript, please contact the college and let them know the mailing date.  If they say the don't have it then contact the Guidance Office and we will re-send your request right away.

Q:  "I need recommendation letters from my counselor and/or teachers.  What do I need to do to get them?"
A:  Please read the information on the Student Transcript Request Form regarding recommendations.  Please note that student's should ask counselor/teacher for recommendation letters before submitting transcript request to Guidance.  Allow at least one week (two is highly recommended) for the letter to be completed.  Please give a completed Senior Brag Sheet to your teacher/counselor.  This will give them valuable information about you and will aide them in writing the recommendation letter.

Q:  "Don't you have the mailing address for my colleges?"
A:  Some of the frequently requested colleges (Ohio State, Kent State, Univ. of Akron, etc.) we have, HOWEVER, students are advised to know the address of where their request is being mailed.  Many students make the mistake of putting the college's main office address down as where they want their transcript sent.  The correct address should be given at the college's admissions website.  We understand that each college's websites are different and sometimes not easy to navigate.  If you are unsure of the college's admissions mailing address, call the college admission office.  They will be able to tell you the correct address.  The Guidance Office requests the admissions mailing address for colleges that are not requested as often by our students.  There are thousands of colleges in the USA.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide the correct mailing address.

Q:  "May I see the recommendation letters that are kept in my accumulation file?"
A:  No.  Even though the letters are kept in the accumulation file, they are considered part of the college application process and are, therefore, confidential.  Student's may request to see the letters at the college they chose attend and must follow that institutions policies on reviewing recommendation letters.  THS does not keep recommendation letters in the permanent accumulation files.  Once a student has graduated, their file is purged and all letters are destroyed.

NCAA Atheletes
Students applying to the NCAA should be aware an official transcript from THS is required by the NCAA.
NCAA will not accept credits received from another high school the student attended prior to THS.  Students will need to contact their former high school and have them send an official transcript as well to the NCAA.
ACT/SAT test scores must be sent directly to the NCAA from each testing center.
The NCAA will not accept copies of test scores as official from THS.