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The Academy at Twinsburg High School

Upcoming Events

March 9, 6PM
Part 4 Computer Programming- the last in the series will focus on JAVA script language and continuing the previous session that worked on 
HTML language for website building

March 10, 6PM
Student Voices-ATTENTION RBC 8th graders and their parents, this session is designed for you!  Hear straight from high school students 
about life at the high school and why you should get involved in the Academy.  Register Here

March 11, 6PM
Reality Session-Scam Prevention
The Better Business Bureau will present how to detect and prevent scams in this age of cyberspace.  This is a must attend session for any-
one that uses the internet.  This is the first in a series from the Akron BBB. Register Here

March 16, 6PM
NEOMed Medical School
Twinsburg graduate, Punita Peketi, will share her journey to NEOMed and walk students and parents through each of the first 3 years of
medical school.  She will discuss workload, expectations and how Twinsburg helped her prepare for this pathway. Register Here

March 17, 6PM
Part 6 of the Startup Series-Marketing & Pricing
The last scheduled of the series will lead participants through how to successfully market and price their product in their new businesses.  
This is the last scheduled event of the series, but just a reminder to participants, Mrs. Eyink offered one on one pricing hep if desired and 
there will be an announcement for a new session that will show how your entrepreneur spirit could work in a corporate setting.  Details to 
follow. Register Here

March 18
6PM Reality Session: In Pursuit of Ethics
The second offering for the Akron BBB, this session is meant for 9-12 graders and their parents and other community members.  Ethics is
a hot topic and see what the BBB can do to help you navigate this topic. Register Here

March 25, 6PM
Reality Session: Budgeting Workshop
The third in the BBB series will help participants learn how to budget their income.  This vital skill will help students about to graduate, 
students working for the first time, parents working with new financial situations and anyone looking for a way to better manage their current
income. Register Here

The Academy at Twinsburg High School is a program designed to provide opportunities and connections between our students and the regional business, community and educational partners.  In response to our local businesses expressing concern about the quality of candidates applying for positions, the Academy was developed as the solution for our community at large.  

A member of the Academy of Twinsburg High School will have the opportunity to get involved in several readiness opportunities and make connections to various people in various industries.  A student will get as much out of the program as they put into the program. Students and parents will be given a chance to create a path to enlisting in the armed forces, being employed or being enrolled in additional education after high school.  These opportunities will be at low cost or no cost to the students and parents.

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