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Sora, by OverDrive Tutorials

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Using SORA, by OverDrive

What is Sora, by OverDrive?

Get to know Sora! We'll take a 

bird's eye view of signing in, borrowing titles, customizing 

the app, and accessing special features. 

Adding a Public Library:

Video created by 

Mrs. DiMatteo

Learn how to add a public library's digital collection to 
Sora and use our school login 
to get access to even more 
ebooks and audiobooks! 

Discover the fun of 
audiobooks, graphic novels
and Read-Alongs – our 
full-color, fully narrated books. Change narration speed, set 
a sleep timer, and even 
leave notes!
Dive into an ebook and create bookmarks, define words, 
leave notes and highlights, 
search through a title, and set reading settings like text size, 
brightness, and more.
Find your next 
great read! Use quick or advanced searching, browse hand-picked collections, set search preferences, and more.

Quickly and easily borrow 

titles, place titles on hold and 

return titles early in Sora.

Take titles on the go! Learn 
about Sora’s options for offline access and ensure you can 
read or listen even when the Internet isn’t available.
Learn about student reading statistics such as time spent 
reading and average time per session. Explore student achievements earned by trying 
a new format, returning a 
book early, and much more!

Access in-app help and edit 
your general, hold, and 
download settings for a 
more customized 
experience in Sora.
Learn to send eBooks to your Kindle-compatible device in Sora.