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ISearch and EBSCOhost Tutorials

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Using INFOhio's ISearch

Learn how INFOhio’s ISearch helps “Julie” find reliable information to help her 
complete research quickly and efficiently. With ISearch, 
students in Ohio can find 
books, magazines, newspapers, primary sources, reference materials and more
using just one search.

Tutorial by THS Media Assistant 
and ICoach Mrs. DiMatteo. ISearch allows you to search nearly all INFOhio resources from a single search box. 

Tutorial by THS Media Assistant 
and ICoach Mrs. DiMatteo. 
Learn how to access the audio feature in ISearch.
In this video, learn more about accessing the content from your search results, and how to share
 it with others or save it for use later. 
In this video, learn how to use keywords for best results and apply limiters to narrow your search to find relevant digital content.  
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a basic search using EBSCOhost.  
This tutorial demonstrates how Middle and High School users can search and browse the new Explora interface, EBSCO’s new colorful and easy-to-use search tool designed just for students in secondary school.