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Fundations, Heggerty and Guided Reading

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What is Fundations?

Fundations is a kinesthetic phonics and phonemic awareness program. Phonics and phonemic awareness are 2 of the 5 components for a strong scientifically research based reading program. The other 3 components are fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. A successful reader uses all of these skills.

Guided Reading

What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading is an instructional approach that involves a teacher working with a small group of students with similar reading behaviors and text levels.  We call these texts instructional because with support from the teacher the child is able to read the book fairly easily.  There are still challenges for the students as well as opportunities to learn and use problem solving techniques, but the student can still read the text with some fluency.  Texts are chosen to build their tool box of skills and strategies so that they can apply them throughout their reading.  This means they can read 90 - 94% of the words accurately as well as comprehend what is going on in the story.  Our goal is independent reading for your child.


What is Heggerty?

Heggerty is our phonemic awareness program at Twinsburg.  To put it simply, phonemic awareness is all about how sounds work in words.  The students will need to listen carefully and then repeat what the teacher says.  We have all kinds of motions to go with our Big Blue Book - changers, fist pumps, roller coasters and palms up.