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Help Avoid Overcrowding on Buses

So that we may know how many students will be riding on each bus route and to avoid overcrowding on our buses, please note the following procedures:

  • Students must ride once a week to maintain their bus assignment.
  • Students not riding their assigned bus more than three weeks in a row will be removed from the bus and assigned to parent transport.
  • High school students that have a parking permit will not be assigned to a bus. Note: Student cars must have the permit displayed in their car at all times while on school property during the instructional day.  Please see THS Parking Procedures & Guidelines information

Please notify the Transportation Office via the Online Transportation Form if your student(s) does not require bus transportation for the following reasons:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an emergency (car is broken down, etc.) and require transportation, please call the office the day before school or by 6:00 a.m. on the day of school and if space is available your student(s) will be assigned to the nearest established neighborhood bus stop.  Thank you!

Revised 6/3/2024

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