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City School District

Team History

Team History

Boys 2019
Suburban Leauge - 8th 
District - 8th
Regional - A. Cain, 55th 
Girls 2019
Suburban League - 3rd
District - 5th
Regional - 19th (A. Deeds, R. Mold, K. Vasiliauskas, J. Abrams, A. Dolney, A. Dale, B. Genovese)
State - A. Deeds, 76th 
Boys 2018
Suburban League - 6th
District - 9th
Regional - R. Adkins, 3rd
State - R. Adkins, 2nd (All-Ohio)
NXR - R. Adkins, 6th (national qualifer)
Footlocker Midwest - R. Adkins, 14th
NXN - R. Adkins, 36th
Girls 2018
Suburban League - 4th
District - 4th
Regional - 18th (M. Hartman, A. Deeds, R. Mold, A. DeFabio, K. Vasiliauskas, J. Abrams, A. Dolney)
Boys 2017
Suburban League - 3rd
District - 7th
Regional - R. Adkins, 5th
State - R. Adkins 24th (All-Ohio)
Girls 2017
Suburban Leauge - 6th
District - 3rd
Regional - 10th (E. O'Connor, A. Deeds, A. DeFabio, M. Hartman, R. Mold, K. Vasiliauskas, A. Dale)
State - E. O'Connor 86th
Boys 2016
Suburban League - 4th
District - 4th
Regional -  R. Adkins 1st, team 18th (R. Adkins, E. Bernhard, A. McCarthy, A. Dickson, A. Yates, N. Bianco. M. Suder)
State - R. Adkins 6th (All-Ohio) 
Girls 2016
Suburban League - 1st
District -1st
Regional - 1st
State - 8th (A. Deeds, M. Kelley, E. O'Connor, M. Hartman, K. Irwin, R. Mold, A. DeFabio)
Boys 2015
Suburban League - 3rd
District - 2nd 
Regional - 8th (R. Adkins, A. Yates, J. Roberson, E. Bernhard, J. Gogan, A. McCarthy, S. Richner)
Girls 2015
Suburban League - 3rd 
District - 4th 
Regional - 9th (R. Lovett, M. Hartman, M. Kelley, A. DeFabio, E. O'Connor, K. Irwin, N. Bekesz)
Boys 2014
NOC - 3rd 
District - 6th
Regional Qualifier - Josh Gogan 
Girls 2014
NOC - 2nd 
District - 1st
Regional - 12th (R. Lovett, E. O'Connor, M. Kelley, E. Caplice, L. Edwards, K. Irwin, N. Bekesz)
All Ohio - Rachael Lovett, 20th
Boys 2013
NOC - 1st
District - 2nd
Regional - 4th 
State - 6th (G. Crichlow, N. Schank, J. Gogan, M. Andrews, A. Mishra, G. Weiss, S. Richner)
All Ohio - Garrett Crichlow, 9th
Mideast Meed to Champions - G. Crichlow, 1st
Footlocker Midwest - G. Crichlow, 15th
Girls 2013 
NOC - 2nd
District - 3rd
Regional - 11th (R. Lovett, A. D'Agostino, M. Kelley, N. Bekesz, C. Bard, G. Ryan, E. Yates)
State - Rachael Lovett, 59th 
Boys 2012
NOC - 1st
District - 4th
Regional - 3rd
State - 10th (G. Crichlow, N. Schank, J. Gogan, R. Scanlon, C. Reed, M. Andrews, J. Sherer )
All Ohio - Garrett Crichlow, 8th
Girls 2012
NOC - 6th
District - 9th
Boys 2011
NOC - 3rd
District - 7th 
Regional - no team, Garrett Crichlow 10th, Nick Schank 33rd
State - Garrett Crichlow 18th 
Girls 2011
NOC - 5th 
District - 7th 
Regional - no team, Bryanna Aldrich 35th 
Boys 2010
District -
Regional -
State -
Girls 2010
District -
Regional -
State -

Past Runners of the Week

Week One - Annabelle Dolney and Mitchell Suder
Week Two - Ana Maria Surdu and Christian Harsa
Week Three - Angela DeFabio and Wyatt Kay 
Week Four -  April Dale and Peter Weiss
Week Five - Katie Vasiliauskas and Evan Wagner
Week Six -  Emily O'Connor and Marco Nesic
Week Seven - Brionna McDonald and Hunter Bennage 
Week Eight - Desha Perera and Darren Robinson
Week Nine - Alyssa Deeds and Alex Dickson 
Week Ten - Emily O'Connor and Ryan Adkins 
Week One - Mason Dickson and Mariam Fahmey
Week Two - Will Corbin and Rebecca Mold 
Week Three - Christian Harsa and Isabel Dickson 
Week Four - Jonathan Brooks and Makenzie Hartman
Week Five -  Connor Wright and Tori Holzwarth
Week Six -  Ryan Adkins and Katie Vasiliauskas
Week Seven - Hunter Bennage and Jessica Abrams 
Week Eight - Marco Nesic and Deepti Naruka  
Week One - Max Howard and Desha Perera
Week Two - Vince Sciarabba and Kaylee Christensen 
Week Three - Will Corbin and Katie Vasiliauskas
Week Four -  Haridu Peiris and Morgan Peeden
Week Five - Logan Kennicutt and Colleen McLafferty
Week Six -  Christian Harsa and Alyssa Deeds
Weeks Seven & Eight - Rebecca Mold, Sydney Couch, Justin Adkins and Shane Zack