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THS Eligibility

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 **From the THS Handbook**

1. In order to be eligible in grades 9-12, a student must have a current physical on

file, be currently enrolled, and must have been enrolled in school the immediately

preceding grading period. During the preceding grading period, the student must

have received passing grades in a minimum of five one-credit courses or the

equivalent, which count toward graduation. A student must also earn a minimum

of 1.25 grade-point average during the preceding grading period.

a. Note: Each blocked class at THS counts as 2 Points for the 9-Weeks. There are

two exceptions. Physical Education and BFS. For our players to be eligible, they

have to accumulate a passing grade minimum of 5 Total Points and a 1.25 GPA.

2. A student enrolled in the first grading period after advancement from the eighth

grade must have passed 75% of coursework the previous nine week grading

period to be eligible for the first grading period. Thereafter, in order to be

eligible, a student in grades 9-12 must meet the requirements outlined in #1

3. Summer school grades earned may not be used to substitute for failing grades

from the last grading period of the regular school year.