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Parent Letter

Dear Parents

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the support that our program receives from the Twinsburg community.  Our program has developed into a fine organization that stresses a combination of baseball, academics, and personal development.  We pride ourselves on the belief that extra-curricular activities are an extension of the academic process.  I hope that your son will attempt to become a proud member of our program. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Program's Expectations of Players:

1) Be on time, be dependable, and communicate with the coaches.

2) To show sportsmanship at all times.

3) Be as energetic and positive as you can possibly be at all times.

4) Be a model citizen in school and the community.

5) No profanity or an expression of a lack of class.

6) No arguments with umpires, opponents, or opposing coaches.

7) To give the coaching staff and the game your undivided attention at all times.

8) To work hard to become the best player, teammate, and person you can be.

Program's Expectations of Parents:

1) To set an example of sportsmanship in regard to the umpires and our opponent.

2) To provide a positive environment for our players by encouraging and cheering on our players.

3) To encourage your son to work hard and be positive about their team and there own abilities. Even when you may disagree with playing time or strategy be positive with them and feel free to come and see me with any concerns. The more positive environment they are around, the better they will perform.

4) Once we are at the field could you please not have any contact with your son. We are trying to keep them as focused as we can on the game. This would make it easier for us to accomplish this if we can receive your cooperation in this matter. Thank You.

5) To communicate with the Coaching Staff with any concerns you feel need addressed. During a game or directly after it may not be the best time for the coach to acknowledge and discuss these concerns.

6) To enjoy the exciting season we are embarking on! Go Tigers!! 

Program's Expectations of Coaches

1) Will provide environment for your son to work on becoming the best player, teammate, and person he can be.

2) Will attempt to out work any other coach that we will oppose.

3) To provide a positive environment, but be willing to carry out discipline and motivational techniques when the Coach feels it is necessary. 

4) To have an open line of communication with the players and parents.

5) To provide practice and game information as soon as it can be distributed.

6) To keep informed of the player's grades and discipline records in school.

7) To push the players to work and play as hard as they can on a daily basis.

"Deeds, not stones, are the true monuments of the great."

John L. Motley