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Twinsburg Board of Education Takes First Step To Place a 6.9-Mill Renewal Levy on the November 8th Ballot

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the Twinsburg City School District Board of Education approved the first of two resolutions necessary to place a 6.9-mill renewal levy on the November 8, 2022 ballot. This 6.9-mill operating levy was originally passed by voters on May 4, 1993 and was most recently renewed on May 8, 2018.
The resolution approved on July 13th, stated, in part:  “This Board finds, determines and declares that (i) it is necessary to renew the School District’s existing 6.9-mill ad valorem property tax outside of the ten-mill limitation for the purpose of current expenses, (ii) as authorized by Section 5705.21 of the Revised Code, it intends to submit the question of that renewal levy to the electors of the entire territory of the School District at an election to be held on November 8, 2022, and (iii) the School District has territory only in the County of Summit.  If approved, that tax will be levied upon the entire territory of the School District for five years, commencing in tax year 2023, for first collection in calendar year 2024.”

"As we continue to monitor our financial outlook, it will be necessary for us to place the 6.9 mill renewal levy on the November 8th ballot in order to sustain our operations.  This decision is in keeping with our commitment to providing the hiqh-quality education that our community has come to expect.  We never take for granted, the support we have enjoyed over the years by our community.  As such, we continue to seek ways to reduce costs and be fiscally responsible to our tax payers,” stated Twinsburg Board of Education President Mark Curtis.

Twinsburg Board of Education member Rob Felber added, “Like every other school district in Ohio, the Twinsburg City School District must balance fiscal responsibility while delivering the best education possible with the available resources. Today, as in decades prior, tax levies are the nearly exclusive way schools are funded locally. The Twinsburg City School District has maintained excellent financial stability with dwindling funding, ever-challenged by unfunded mandates, inflation, supply chain constraints, not to mention the challenges of COVID-19. It is evident by our planning, years of forecast data, and recently confirmed by several audits prudently commissioned to help in the transition to a new treasurer, that the renewal of our upcoming 6.9 mil levy is critical to operating the district at the level of excellence we currently experience.”

Throughout the past school year, efforts have been made to gather feedback regarding the Tiger Legacy Project, which is the construction project to replace George G. Dodge Intermediate School. The results of the Tiger Legacy Project Online Survey will be shared with the community in late summer through a special newsletter.  Additional community conversations and a formal phone survey are planned for this fall in efforts to gain a greater understanding of our residents’ support for a bond issue for the construction of the new school along with the relocation of Tiger Stadium and the athletic fields.

“This is an exciting time in the Twinsburg City School District as we gain momentum for the Tiger Legacy Project.  Before we can move this project forward, we must ensure the renewal of the 6.9-mill operating levy.  After a comprehensive review of the District’s finances, it is clear that this renewal is necessary for operating expenses so that we can continue to offer our students the quality education our families expect.  As always, I appreciate our residents’ support of our school family,” stated Superintendent Kathi Powers.

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