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Business of Hospitality

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Business of Hospitality

Business of Hospitality and Tourism will enable students to explore strategies in hotel management and location, types of lodging, key players and services, information and risk managements. The student will be given perspective on how marketing shapes the future of the hospitality industry and possible career opportunities.
Date Classroom Assignments

Week 1

Hospitality & Tourism

Chapter 1 Defining Hospitality and Tourism, Section 1.1 The World of Hospitality & Tourism - Describe the Hospitality and Tourism industries, Identify the segments of the Hospitality and Tourism industries, Define service as a product, Explain the importance of service to the Hospitality and Tourism Industries, Section 1.2. Hospitality & Tourism: Past and Present - Describe the origins of lodging and food service, Identify trends in the Hospitality and Tourism industries

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 Serving Food and Fun, Hot Property - Walt Disney World Resort, Quick Check, World Market - The Queen's Ship, Case Study Part 2, Profiles in Hospitality A Seaworthy Career, Ethics and Issues - Photo Fake, Quick Check, Worksheet 1.1, Worksheet 1.2, Portfolio Works

Week 2

Chapter 2 Economics and the Impact of Tourism, Section 2.1 The Impact of Hospitality & Tourism - Explain the economic multiplier, Define sustainable tourism, Identify the different areas impacted by tourism, Explain the cyclical nature of travel. Section 2.2 Why Do People Travel? Describe business and pleasure travel, Explain different motives for travel.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 See The Whales, Math Check, World Market Paradise Island, Ethics and Issues Eco-Reef, Hot Property At Home in Africa, Quick Check, Profiles in Hospitality, Case Study Part 2, Quick Check, Worksheet 2.1 and 2.2, Portfolio Works - Business Plan

Unit 1 Activities

Week 3

Hospitality & Tourism Markets

Chapter 3 The Restaurant Business, Section 3.1 Types of Restaurants - Explain the difference between commercial and on-site food-service facilities, Identify the various categories of the commercial food-service industry, Describe types of restaurant businesses.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 Another Plate of Mind, World Market Good Taste in Spain, Ethics & Issues Reality Restaurant, Hot Property The Lobster Tale, Quick Check, Case Study Part 2, Profiles in Hospitality Burger Know How, Math Check, Quick Check, Worksheet 3.1 and 3.2, Portfolio Works New Restaurant.

Week 4

Chapter 4 The Hotel Business,Section 4.1 Types of Lodging Businesses - Identify the types of hotel classifications, Differentiate between business and leisure guests, Explain the importance of yield management. Section 4.2 Hotel Operations - Identify the front-office positions in the rooms division of a hotel, Describe guest services in the hotel industry, Identify the support-staff positions in the back of the house of a hotel.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 Desert Chic, Ethics & Issues Water Waste, Hot Property Fantasy Inn, Math Check, World Market Tree House in Africa, Quick Check, Profiles in Hospitality Training for Hospitality, Case Study Part 2, Quick Check, Worksheets 4.1 and 4.2, Portfolio Works Your Hotel.

Week 5

Chapter 5 The Tourism Business. Section 5.1 Travel and Tourism - Identify factors that contribute to the growth of tourism, Discuss the reasons that people travel, Describe the different types of tours. Section 5.2 Transportation Providers - Explain the importance of transportation providers, Identify the different types of transportation, Discuss the impact of the cruise industry.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 Gear on the Go, Ethics & Issues Getting Everyone There, Profiles in Hospitality Northern Exposures, Quick Check, World Market Riding the Orient Express, Math Check, Hot Property The Fun Ship, Case Study Part 2, Quick Check, Worksheets 5.1 and 5.2,, Portfolio Works Airport Employment.

Week 6

Chapter 6 Destination Marketing. Section 6.1 Destination Markets - Define the term destination, Discuss the concept of seasonality, Identify the classifications of destinations, Describe a destination resort. Section 6.2 Identify the various businesses that promote and provide destination tourism, Explain the concept of perishability, Discuss how tourism is distributed.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Star Power, Ethics & Issues Travel Tibet, Profiles in Hospitality Unique Peak, Quick Check, World Market Riding the Orient Express, Math Check, Hot Property Villa on the Lake, Worksheets 6.1 and 6.2, Portfolio Works Design a Theme Park.

Week 7

Chapter 7 Sports, Events, and Entertainment.Section 7.1 Sports and Recreation - Describe the types of amateur sports, Describe the types of professional sports, Identify career opportunities in sports event management, Explain the types of recreation. Section 7.2 Differentiate between public and private events; Identify the categories of the entertainment industry.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 He Shoots, He Scores!, Ethics & Issues Olympic Bidding, Profiles in Hospitality Formula For A Festival, Quick Check, World Market Tee Time: Ice Golf, Math Check, Hot Property Behind the Scenes, Worksheets 7.1 and 7.2, Portfolio Works Your Perfect Job.

Week 8

Chapter 8 The Marketing Environment. Section 8.1 The Role of Marketing Basics - Describe the marketing process, Explain the elements of the basic marketing mix, Identify the components of product utility. Section 8.2 Planning Marketing - Explain the purpose of a marketing plan, Discuss the importance of a mission, Identify the internal and external influences of the marketing environment.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Eco-Friendly Car Club, Ethics & Issues Ecotouirsm Pros and Cons, Profiles in Hospitality Festival Planning, Quick Check, World Market Journey to the Bottom of the Earth, Math Check, Hot Property Spirit to Grow, Worksheets 8.1 and 8.2, Portfolio Works Your Mission Is...

Week 9

Chapter 9 Market Information and Research. Section 9.1 Target Markets - Explain the purpose of market segmentation, Identify the methods used to segment markets, Explain product positioning. Section 9.2 Market Research - Describe the process of market research, Explain primary and secondary research, Identify methods for gathering primary data.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Cowboy Up, Ethics & Issues Vacation Behavior, Profiles in Hospitality Higher Ratings, Quick Check, World Market Classic Castles, Math Check, Hot Property Incentives and More, Worksheets 9.1 and 9.2, Portfolio Works Write a Survey.

Week 10

Chapter 10 Designing Products Section 10.1 Hospitality & Tourism Products - Explain the difference between goods and services, Identify the levels of hospitality and tourism products, Describe the product mix. Section 10.2 Product Planning - Explain the product life cycle, Differentiate between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, Identify the factors that contribute to customer loyalty, Explain the importance of relationship marketing.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Hotels: The Next Generation, Ethics & Issues Risky Destinations, Profiles in Hospitality Close-Up On Food, Quick Check, World Market A Dream in Dubai, Math Check, Hot Property The Complete Package, Worksheets 10.1 and 10.2, Portfolio Works Planning a Product

Week 11

Chapter 11 Pricing Products Section 11.1 Pricing Strategies - Explain the concept of price, Identify typical pricing strategies, Describe how hospitality and tourism businesses use discounting. Section 11.2 Factors Affecting Price - Describe the concept of supply and demand, Explain elasticity of demand, Explain how the product life cycle affects price.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 True Blue, Ethics & Issues Price Discrimination, Profiles in Hospitality Vineyard Management, Quick Check, World Market Ultimate Hostel, Math Check, Hot Property World on a Click, Worksheets 11.1 and 11.2, Portfolio Works Pricing Strategies Explained

Week 12

Chapter 12 Distribution Section 12.1 Selling Hospitality & Tourism - Explain the types of selling - List the steps of selling, Differentiate between features and benefits. Section 12.2 Define channels of distribution, Identify indirect channels of distribution, Discuss the Internet channel of distribution.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Superfuture Guide, Ethics & Issues Traveling With Disabilities, Profiles in Hospitality Ranch Style Getaway, Quick Check, World Market New Years in Tibet, Math Check, Hot Property Selling the New JetBlue, Worksheets 12.1 and 12.2, Portfolio Works Building the Sales Process

Week 13

Chapter 13 Promoting Hospitality & Tourism Section 13.1 Promotion and Advertising - Explain the promotional mix, Identify the types of advertising media, Discuss how to create an advertising message, Identify methods used to determine and advertising budget. Section 13.2 Public Relations and Sales Promotion - Explain the concept of public relations, Identify strategies used in sales promotion.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Marketing New Mexico, Ethics & Issues Tainted Travel?, Profiles in Hospitality Promoting Through Product, Quick Check, World Market The End of the Earth, Math Check, Hot Property Resort Promotions, Worksheets 13.1 and 13.2, Portfolio Works Create a Brochure

Week 14

Chapter 14 Customer and Employee Relations Section 14.1 Customer Relations - Explain the importance of good customer relations, Identify methods of service in the hospitality industry; Describe the steps to resolve guest complaints to retain customers. Section 14.2 Employee Relations - Identify external and internal factors that motivate employees, Define the term leadership, Describe ethical issues in the hospitality industry.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Sea Cruise, Ethics & Issues Travel Alerts, Profiles in Hospitality In The Kitchen, Quick Check, World Market Spa Central, Math Check, Hot Property Lettuce Makes History, Worksheets 14.1 and 14.2, Portfolio Works Restaurant Questionnaire

Week 15

Chapter 15 Finding a Job Section 15.1 Employment Skills - Identify the skills required for workplace employment, Identify different communications skills, Describe the skills specific to the hospitality and tourism industries. Section 15.2 The Employment Process - Identify the steps of the employment process, Discuss the elements of a resume, Describe a traditional job interview.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Foods For "Dudes", Ethics & Issues Costly Credit, Profiles in Hospitality Caribbean Flavors, Quick Check, World Market Volunteers for Turtles, Math Check, Hot Property Fascinating Planet, Worksheets 15.1 and 15.2, Portfolio Works Classified Ad Search

Week 16

Chapter 16Careers in Hospitality & TourismSection 16.1 Career Choices - Identify the advantages of working in the hospitality and tourism industries, Describe career segments in the hospitality and tourism industries, Identify possible career paths in the hospitality and tourism industries, Explain the advantages and disadvantages of owning a hospitality business.

Assignments: Case Study Part 1 and 2 Island Riding, Ethics & Issues Over Overtime, Profiles in Hospitality Executive Search, Quick Check, World Market Touring the Past, Math Check, Hot Property Gourmet Education, Worksheets 16.1 and 16.2, Portfolio Works Organizing a Career Path


Class Projects will be included throughout the year.