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August 2018

picture of Supertindent Powers
Dear Twinsburg Schools Family:

Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year!  It’s an exciting time of the year as we prepare for the return of our Tigers and for the first day of school on Wednesday, August 22nd.  Bus schedules will be mailed the week of August 6th.  If you have questions about transportation once you receive your bus schedule, please contact our Transportation Department at 330.486.2348.
While our Tigers have been away for the summer break, the District has been very busy preparing for a new school year.  Here is an idea of some of the projects that occurred over the last several months:
•   Thanks to the successful roll-out of the Chromebook initiative at Twinsburg High         School last year and the expected roll-out of Chromebooks to this year’s rising           freshmen and seniors, the District was able to renovate the G-lab (computer             labs) into a large multi-purpose classroom;
•    At RB Chamberlin Middle School, the Dome located adjacent to the cafeteria was       renovated into a flexible learning space; the RBC gymnasium was given a fresh           coat of paint and updated with school spirit signage; the entrance into Pride               Parkway was repaved; 
•    New cafeteria tables arrived at George G. Dodge Intermediate School;  perimeter        fencing is being installed to enhance security; and, the parking lot was                          resurfaced;
•    At Samuel Bissell Elementary School, the stage curtain was updated and the                ongoing HVAC renovations are nearing completion; a new fire alarm system was        installed; and
•    A major roofing project was completed at Wilcox Primary School; several                     classrooms were given a fresh coat of paint and many classrooms were                       relocated to accommodate the new Kindergarten Preparatory Program (KPP).
Thanks to our residents who supported the Permanent Improvement Fund many years ago, we are able to continue to maintain excellent grounds and facilities!

I am also excited to tell you about our new partnership with Visual Marking Systems (VMS), a local Twinsburg business.  This new partnership is affiliated with the Multimedia Project at Tiger Stadium and Twinsburg High School which began a year ago.  Under the terms of this new partnership, VMS will provide the Twinsburg City School District with a variety of school spirit banners and signs which will enhance our school community with Tiger Pride.  Thanks to this partnership, these enhancements to our school community will occur without a cost to our residents.  We are very appreciative of Mr. Dolf Kahle and Visual Marking Systems for their support of our school district!

Another District initiative I am pleased to tell you about is the implementation of Makerspaces at each of our schools. What is a Makerspace?  A Makerspace is a collaborative work space for creating, learning, exploring and sharing.  Activities planned for our Makerspaces will be aligned to our curriculum and will help prepare our students with critical twenty-first century skills in the areas  of Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STREAM).   Makerspaces can be a designated space or activities designed to engage students in the classroom.  This summer, dedicated spaces have been renovated as Makerspaces at Twinsburg High School, RB Chamberlin Middle School and George G. Dodge Intermediate School.  At Samuel Bissell Elementary School and Wilcox Primary School, Makerspace activities will be shared with our Tigers in their classrooms.  Stay tuned for much more news about our Makerspaces!

District administrators have been busy these last few months, recruiting and hiring the very best talent.  With this task nearly complete, I am happy to introduce the newest members of our staff:

Wilcox Primary School                                                      
Esther Boutros – School Counselor                                          
Kawana Bridges – Administrative Assistant                                  
Jada Jackson – Instructional Assistant      
Abigail Miller - Intervention Specialist                                       
Katie Hardesty – Reading Specialist
Samuel Bissell Elementary School 
Josie Delegram - Cook
Hayley Langhoff – Third Grade Teacher
George G. Dodge Intermediate School                                     
Jennifer Brunton – Fifth Grade Teacher
Bryan Detweiler – Vocal Music Teacher
Alexa Doerfler – School Psychologist
Jacob Moauro – School Counselor
Kelly Shaffer – Technical Resource Assistant 
Anna Yakubowski – Intervention Specialist
RB Chamberlin Middle School 
Alexis Sabo – Intervention Specialist
Twinsburg High School                                                              
Laura Hebert – Principal                                                                          
John Moeschberger – Assistant Principal                                 
Zachary Colegrove – Social Studies                                                        
James Dianetti – Intervention Specialist                  
Samantha Gossett – Instrumental Music (Band)                                  
Hui-Ling Haldeman – World Language (Chinese)                                 
Kristie Lewis – School Counselor                        
Jessica Mazanetz – Social Studies                                                            
Melissa Mrakuzic – Instructional Assistant
Adam House – Transportation Supervisor
Antoine Battle – Permanent Substitute Bus Driver
Pamela Hrouda – Permanent Substitute Bus Driver 
Christy Tragis – Permanent Substitute Bus Driver
Central Office                                                                                              
Tim Sullen - Supervisor of Personnel                                                       
I want to take a moment to remind you about PowerSchool Registration formerly known as InfoSnap, our online process for the registration of new families and the enrollment verification for our returning Tigers.  PowerSchool Registration provides a secure site and offers parents the ability to complete some of the required paperwork, such as emergency medical information, in a manner that avoids the need to retype or rewrite the same information on multiple forms.  PowerSchool Registration allows the District to distribute forms to our families in an electronic format which will in turn reduce costs for paper and postage.  Furthermore, I believe there is an increase in the accuracy of our student information.  Parents/guardians will receive a separate letter in the mail which will include important information about your PowerSchool Registration account.  Included in that letter will be phone numbers and email addresses parents/guardians can use should questions arise.  I am very pleased that our District transitioned to this online format two years ago as our families found the process parent-friendly and efficient.

Enclosed is a copy of the Student Fee Guidelines and the Student Fee Payment Form for 2018/2019.  In lieu of using the Student Fee Payment Form, parents are encouraged to pay Student Fees online using the EZ Pay online payment plan.  Information about the online payment plan can be found on our District’s website at www.twinsburg.k12.oh.us.  Simply click on the EZ Pay icon for more information.  An EZ Pay user guide will be e-mailed to parents once you have registered in the system.  Parents will need to know their child’s “Student Password” to register.  The “Student Password” is the same password your child uses to purchase lunch, to log onto the network at school or to log into Progress Book.  Questions about EZ Pay can be directed to Brian Fantone, Athletic Director/Coordinator of K-12 Student Activities at 330.486.2480 or directed to EZ Pay at 1.866.693.9729.  

Student Fees, excluding Pay-to-Participate Fees, may be paid at your child’s school beginning on August 22nd.  Staff members will also be available at your child’s school to accept Student Fees, which include Academic and Course Fees, during the August Open Houses and Orientations.  You are encouraged to complete and bring the attached Student Fee Payment Form with you to Open House/Orientation where you can pay your Student Fees.  It is highly recommended that high school and middle school students wait until the second week of the school year to pay for course fees so they are certain that their schedules are set for the semester.  Pay-to-Participate Fees for the Fall Sports Season are due on August 13th.  THS and RBC students interested in participating in fall sports should forward fees to the Athletic Office at Twinsburg High School.  

Please note that fees for co-curricular activities such as Band, Orchestra and High School Yearbook are considered Course Fees.  As such, these Course Fees as well as other Academic Fees, may be waived for students who participate in the Federal Breakfast/Lunch Program.  Reduced Pay-to-Participate Fees for students who are eligible for the Federal Free Breakfast/Lunch Program (fees reduced by 50%) and students who are eligible for the Federal Reduced Price Breakfast/Lunch Program (fees reduced by 25%) are available.  Students’ eligibility from the 2017/2018 school year will be used to determine reduced Pay-to-Participate Fees for the fall season.  A copy of the Waiver Form that parents/guardians need to complete and submit if their child qualifies for the Federal Lunch Program can be accessed when parents/guardians log on to their PowerSchool Registration account.  Waiver Forms will also be available on the District website and at each of the school’s main offices.  The completion of this form allows the District to waive or reduce the fees of qualifying students.  

I hope you share in our excitement as we prepare to greet our Tigers on Wednesday, August 22nd!   The new year promises so many exciting opportunities to learn, wonder, grow, inspire, dream, explore, create, innovate and achieve!  We cannot wait to get started!

Yours in education,
Kathi Powers, Superintendent

Kathryn Powers
Administrative Assistant:
Marianne Franko
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