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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    Spring Break, No School
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs North Royalton
    Boys JV Baseball vs North Royalton
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ North Royalton
    Spring Break, No School
    Varsity Track & Field @ North Royalton
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ North Royalton
    Boys JV Baseball @ North Royalton
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs North Royalton
    Spring Break, No School
    Boys JV Tennis vs North Olmsted
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ North Olmsted
    Girls JV Softball vs Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    Spring Break, No School
    Boys JV Tennis @ Brunswick
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Brunswick
    Spring Break, No School
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Woodridge (Doubleheader)
    Boys JV Baseball @ Woodridge (Doubleheader)
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Woodridge (Doubleheader)
    Boys JV Baseball vs North Royalton
    Boys JV Tennis vs North Royalton
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ North Royalton
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ North Royalton
    CANCELLED - Boys Freshmen Baseball vs North Royalton
    Girls JV Softball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    School Resumes
    Boys JV Tennis vs Tallmadge
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Tallmadge
    CANCELLED - Boys Freshman Baseball vs Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    CANCELLED - Boys JV Baseball vs Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    CANCELLED - Boys Varsity Baseball @ Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    CANCELLED - Girls JV Softball @ Wadsworth
    CANCELLED - Girls Varsity Softball vs Wadsworth
    Dodge PTA Meeting & nominations
    Varsity Track & Field @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    BOE Regular Meeting
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    Boys JV Baseball @ Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    Boys JV Tennis vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    PTA District Fundraiser Pick up
    RBC Track vs Hudson Middle School
    Bissell PTA Meeting Elections
    CANCELED - Boys JV Tennis @ Strongsville
    CANCELED - Boys Varsity Tennis vs Strongsville
    CANCELED - Girls JV Softball @ Hudson
    CANCELED - Girls Varsity Softball @ Hudson
    Dodge Learn About Dodge
    Dodge Spring Fling
    CANCELED - Boys JV Baseball vs Saint Ignatius
    CANCELED - Boys Varsity Baseball @ Saint Ignatius
    CANCELED - RBC Girls Softball @ Mayfield Middle School
    CANCELED - Varsity Track & Field @ Kenston Invitational
    CANCELED - Boys Freshman Baseball @ Crestwood (Doubleheader)
    CANCELED - Girls Varsity Softball @ Akron Firestone Racers Trnmnt
    RBC OMEA JH District Solo and Ensemble Contest
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Akron Firestone Racers Trnmnt
    Athletic Booster Meeting
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys JV Baseball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys JV Tennis @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Curriculum/Technology Committee Meeting
    Girls JV Softball vs Nordonia
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Nordonia
    RBC Girls Softball vs Euclid Central Middle School
    RBC Track @ Solon Middle School
    Boys JV Tennis @ Chagrin Falls
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Chagrin Falls
    CANCELED - Boys Freshman Baseball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    CANCELED - Boys JV Baseball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    CANCELED - Boys Varsity Baseball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    CANCELED - RBC Girls Softball vs Cornerstone Christian Academy
    Kindergarten Science Fair
    Orchestra Booster Meeting
    Varsity Track & Field vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys Freshmen Baseball vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys JV Baseball vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys JV Tennis @ Wadsworth
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Wadsworth
    Girls JV Softball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Kindergarten Science Fair
    PTA Council Meeting
    RBC Boys Baseball @ Heritage Middle School (Painesville)
    RBC Track @ Tallmadge Middle School
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Wadsworth
    Boys JV Baseball @ Wadsworth
    Boys JV Tennis vs Brush
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Wadsworth
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Brush
    Dodge Mother/Son Event
    Girls JV Softball @ Hudson
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Hudson
    RBC Boys Baseball @ Garfield Heights Middle School
    RBC Girls Softball @ Garfield Heights Middle School
    Varsity Track & Field @ Willoughby South Invitational
    Good Friday, No School
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Mayfield (Doubleheader)
    Boys JV Baseball vs Mayfield (Doubleheader)
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Olmsted Falls (Doubleheader)
    Band Booster Meeting
    BOE Finance Subcommittee Meeting
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Wadsworth
    Boys JV Baseball vs Wadsworth
    Boys JV Tennis vs Hudson
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Wadsworth
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Hudson
    Data Day, No School
    Girls JV Softball vs North Royalton
    Girls Varsity Softball vs North Royalton
    RBC Boys Baseball vs Orange Brady Middle School
    RBC Girls Softball vs Wickliffe Middle School
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Hudson
    Boys JV Baseball vs Hudson
    Boys JV Tennis vs Theodore Roosevelt
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Hudson
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Theodore Roosevelt
    Girls JV Softball @ Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Brecksville-Broadview Hts
    RBC Honor Corp Ceremony
    Varsity Track & Field vs Wadsworth
       Bissell PTA DQ Fundraiser Night
    BOE Regular Meeting
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Stow
    Boys JV Baseball vs Stow
    Boys JV Tennis vs Nordonia
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Stow
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Nordonia
    Girls JV Softball vs Saint Vincent-Saint Mary
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Saint Vincent-Saint Mary
    RBC Boys Baseball @ Memorial - South Euclid/Lyndhurst
    RBC Girls Softball @ Memorial - South Euclid/Lyndhurst
    RBC Track @ Nordonia Middle School
    Boys JV Tennis vs Brunswick
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Brunswick
    CANCELED - Boys Freshman Baseball @ Hudson
    CANCELED - Boys JV Baseball @ Hudson
    CANCELED - Boys Varsity Baseball vs Hudson
    CANCELLED - Girls JV Softball @ Bedford
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Bedford
    RBC 8th grade Washington DC Parent Meeting
    CANCELED - Girls Varsity Softball @ North Royalton
    Girls JV Softball @ North Royalton
    Interim Grades Online
    RBC Boys Baseball vs Solon Middle School
    RBC Girls Softball vs Solon Middle School
    THS Show Choir Musical
    Varsity Track & Field @ Hudson
    Boys JV Baseball @ Chagrin Falls (Doubleheader)
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Chagrin Falls (Doubleheader)
    Girls JV Softball vs Cuyahoga Heights (Doubleheader)
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Cuyahoga Heights (Doubleheader)
    THS Show Choir Musical
    Tiger Spirit Run
    Varsity Track & Field @ Amherst Steele Relays
       Bissell IMATHIMATION Assemblies
    Bissell Right-to-Read thru 4/28
    Boys Freshmen Baseball @ Hudson
    Boys JV Baseball @ Hudson
    Boys JV Tennis @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Hudson
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Dodge Choir Concert
    Dodge Scholastic BOGO Book Fair thru 4/28
    Girls JV Softball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    RBC Boys Baseball @ Shaker Middle School
    RBC Girls Softball @ Shaker Middle School
    TVMB Booster Meeting
       Wilcox Book Fair thru 4/28
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Nordonia
    Boys JV Baseball vs Nordonia
    Boys JV Tennis vs Revere
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Nordonia
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Revere
    Girls JV Softball vs Wadsworth
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Wadsworth
    Varsity Track & Field @ Nordonia
    Wilcox Bensie's Spring Concert
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Nordonia
    Boys JV Baseball @ Nordonia
    Boys JV Tennis @ Aurora
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Nordonia
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Aurora
    Girls JV Softball vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    RBC Track vs Cuyahoga Falls
    THS Fine Arts Festival Concert
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Shaker Heights
    Boys JV Baseball vs Shaker Heights
    Boys JV Tennis vs Shaker Heights
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Shaker Heights
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Shaker Heights
    Girls Varsity Softball @ North Royalton
       THS/RBC Spring Vocal Concert
    RBC Boys Baseball @ Euclid Central Middle School
    RBC Girls Softball @ Euclid Central Middle School
    RBC Play
    THS Band D6 HS Large Group States
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Saint Ignatius (Doubleheader)
    Boys JV Baseball @ Struthers
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Struthers
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Highland (Medina) Suburban League Postseason Trnmnt
    RBC Play
    TVMB Tag Day
    Varsity Track & Field @ Poland Invitational
    Bissell Staff Appreciation Week
    Boys JV Tennis vs Barberton
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Barberton
    Dodge Staff Appreciation Week
    Girls JV Softball vs Hudson
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Hudson
    RBC Boys Baseball vs University School (Shaker Hts.)
    RBC Girls Softball vs Mayfield Middle School
    RBC Spring Band Concert
    THS AP Exams
    THS Foreign Language National Honor Society Induction
    Wilcox Staff Appreciation
    Boys Freshman Baseball @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys JV Baseball @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys JV Tennis vs Highland (Medina)
    Boys Varsity Baseball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Tennis @ Highland (Medina)
    Dodge PTA Meeting & elections
    Girls JV Softball @ Nordonia
    Girls Varsity Softball vs Nordonia
    THS/RBC Orchestra Awards Banquet
    Varsity Track & Field vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Wilcox Art Show
    BOE Regular Meeting
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys JV Baseball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys JV Tennis @ Medina
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Medina
    RBC Boys Baseball vs Heritage Middle School (Painesville)
    RBC Girls Softball @ Cornerstone Christian Academy
    RBC Track vs Stow Middle School (Kimpton)
    Boys Freshman Baseball vs Saint Edward
    Boys JV Tennis vs Normandy
    Boys Varsity Tennis vs Normandy
    THS Senior Academic Awards
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ Mayfield Heights
    RBC Boys Baseball vs Garfield Heights Middle School
    RBC Girls Softball vs Garfield Heights Middle School
    RBC OMEA JH Large Group Contest
    THS Powder Puff Football Game
    RBC OMEA JH Large Group Contest
    Boys Varsity Baseball @ TBD
    Girls Varsity Softball @ Cardinal Mooney (Doubleheader)
                Mulch Mania Fundraiser
    Varsity Track & Field @ Austintown (Optimist Invitational)
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