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October 2018 Booster Meeting Minutes

Booster Minutes Monday, October 15, 2018 Meeting called to order by Jack Rapkin at 7:02pm 
 Meeting Minutes: 
 Secretary’s Report:  ??Meeting minutes from September 17th were sent via email to the Band Booster Board and attendees by Cassandra Blyler. No corrections noted. The minutes from the September 17th meeting will be uploaded by Cassie onto the Booster site.  
 President’s Remarks:  ??The first band newsletter went out last month. Congratulations to RBC Middle School band students for being selected to the OMEA District 6 Honors band Festival, 300 musicians in 4 counties. 8th grade: Aiden- percussion, Alijah- clarinet, Theresa- Flute, Logan- clarinet. Congratulations to Mr Resnic, THS/RBC/Dodge music educator who has been selected to speak at the 2019 OMEA Professional Development Conference to be held in Cleveland on January 31,2019 and February 2, 2019. Also speaking will be Mr Matt Socrates, THS educator who will also be drumming with students with developmental disabilities on Friday February 1, 2019 from 11-12pm at the Marriot Ballroom ABC. The addition of the second food warmer has been a great help.  Asking for input from the band council for the next newsletter.  
Directors Report: 
 Mr Resnick:?? Absent, no report given. Cassie asks for letter about Mr Resnick to put an article in the paper in regards to his speaking engagement, Mr Bonitz states he check with Mr Resnick.  
 Mr Bonitz:?? The band finished the senior show in week eight, which is earlier than normal. The kids did really well, unfortunately it did rain. The concert band placements have been finished. Those were posted Friday evening after the performance. This is the first time we have had enough students for two bands. Last year we had 110 students in one large group. Having 2 groups we will now be able to have more opportunities for solos, leadership and more individualized attention. November 1st is the band showcase at THS. 
 Ms Gossett:?? Dodge has all their holiday music. The 5th graders have their instruments and are learning their first notes.  
 Ms King:?? Ms King’s last day is Friday, December 21. 
 Band Council Report:??  Report given by Xan Denker. The senior night was the last event that the band council participated in. 
Committee Reports: 
Twinsburg Band Boosters  To enrich the education of the students of Twinsburg through Music  
Treasurer’s report??: Report given by Kristi McCormick. The August Treasurer’s report statement was distributed to the meeting attendees. Kristi has reformatted the treasure’s statement to provide a broader overview of expenses, current and expected. Last year’s totals have been added to the sheet to help visualize possible future needs.  
 Volunteers:?? Ileana, not present. No report given.  
 Concessions:?? The last two football games are at Nordonia and Hudson.  Looking for volunteers, we lost out on youth football due to lack of volunteers. Nine games at possibly $300 profit each is a potential $2,700 we missed out on. The hot boxes are working really well. We will need a new concessions person for next year.  
 Fundraising:??  Report given by Christine and Colleen: Closing out the 1 liners, Lisa Georges needs them for the programs. Tiger cards are still being sold in the concession stands. The sponsorship drive is closing, can become a member at any time. The Amazon smiles program is ongoing. Phil at Gioninos is now charging for printing. $40. Each family will get 5 cards to sell. November 18th from 4-8 is the Chipotle Dine-Out. Every Tuesday in December will be the Mavis Winkles Dine-Out. Possible Amore dates include the Saturday in February prior to S&E. March 2nd is a possibility for Amore, but it is very close to the last payment due for the NY trip. Peace,Love & Donuts is a possible fundraiser during the basketball concessions.  
 Publicist: ?? Report given by Cassie Via: She will be working on an article about Mr Resnick for the paper.  
 Uniform Report:?? Report given byMichelle Reed. She has great helpers, 3 parents have stepped up. After the band showcase on November 1, students will turn in their uniforms. Hat cleaning will be the next day during school. Uniform fittings for concert band will be in November, the week before Thanksgiving. The maintenance fee for the tuxedos will be $8.00. The tuxedos cost @$100. We will need to buy new tuxedos, we may need to buy 15 new ones due to sizes, we have more kids, many of them smaller sizes. The uniform needs for next year, we will need to look at this in December. We have 160 uniforms, 138 raincoats. For the raincoats, it is a minimum purchase of 20 @$80 each. We have around 25 seniors. Michelle will update the estimates for what we need going forward. Mr Bonitz requests that Jack compile information regarding the needs for our growing band so that information can be presented to the school board.  
 Spirit Wear Report:?? Report given by Carie Ketz. Profit of $190 from RDP which is about average per the groups that sell spiritwear. She will open the store in November for Christmas sales.  She will precollect orders for the mugs, travel mugs and bracelets. These items are not ordered through RDP. The band showcase will have a sales table and the spirit wear link will be on the band website.  
 Old Business:?? No additional old business stated.  
 New Business:??  No new business discussed.  
Twinsburg Band Boosters  To enrich the education of the students of Twinsburg through Music  
Adjourn:?? Call for a motion to adjourn was made by Jack Rapkin. Motion to accept by Colleen Larson, 2?nd? by Cassie Via. The meeting was adjourned at 7:57pm. 
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