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Wilcox Tigers Participate in STEAM-based Learning!

At Wilcox Primary School, our Tigers have been able to incorporate fall fun into our STEAM-based learning!
Mrs. Littler’s First Grade class and Mrs. Turschak’s Kindergarten class learned about buoyancy and balance. The students drafted a blueprint of their apple rafts, built their rafts out of cut apples and toothpicks, and then they tested them in a tub of water. 
Mrs. Troy’s and Mrs. Petrash’s Kindergarten classes also did a STEAM project called the Scarecrow Challenge where the groups had to work together to design and build their scarecrows.  Parents donated newspapers for stuffing and we used baby clothes and paper bags for the bodies/heads. 
 Students building apple rafts
 Students building apple rafts
 students holding a scarecrow
Students Participate in STEAM Activities
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