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The Academy at Twinsburg High School provides opportunities for students to explore possibilities they have after graduating from Twinsburg High School. In conjunction with local and regional businesses, organizations and community members, we are able to offer a 4 year, diverse program to help guide students in their pursuit of life after high school.

There are 3 identified pathways students have options to explore, Business & Manufacturing, Health Care & Administration, and Human Performance/Recreational Management. Within each of these pathways there are opportunities to explore other pathways that may exist. The Academy is also receiving valuable input from students in regards to what other pathways may be of interest to them and then the Academy will begin to look for options to help support those needs.

Additional Information

  • This is currently open to the Class of 2021, 2022

  • Upperclassmen who are currently enrolled at Twinsburg High School are permitted to attend the Twin Talks at THS and the medical talks at Ahuja Medical Center.  All guidelines are exactly the same for upperclassmen, other than the attendance sheets and certificates.

  • The cost of the Academy is free to students and the cost to the district in minimal.  Our partners have committed to providing all of these opportunities free of charge or at low cost to our students.

Student Responsibilities

Much of this program is voluntary.  When students are in attendance at these events our expectations are high in conduct and communication.  Students are expected to present themselves as an employable person to all of our partners.  Students are also responsible for recording all events they attend and checking in and out of each event with the school representative or designated employee of the business they are involved with for that event.  Here is a checklist of student responsibilities:

  • Dress is business casual if possible

  • Communicate with a person from the business and organization at some point during the event to introduce themselves and make a connection with the organization

  • Monitor  email for updates

  • Register for each event

  • Sign in at each event

  • Make sure all school aspects are handled (attendance, behavior and grades)

This program presents opportunities to students.  Each student will have the opportunity to be exposed to various career fields and educational pathways.  This experience is only as good as the student’s willingness to commit to the program.  It is apparent to adults that this opportunity is special and one that should be valued by students.  Young adults may just see this as more work and not see the value that this will have on their lives.  We will do our part to promote and guide, but parents need to have a strong voice with their own child to help process all this information.  Together the parents, the student, the partners and the schools will create a positive experience to help students be successful finding one of the three E’s, Employment, Enlistment or Enrollment beyond high school.




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