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Getting Involved

Students that are interested in getting involved in the Academy should meet with your counselor and look into the Introduction to Business course and the Business Communications course.
Once in the Academy, then attending Twin Talks, Ahuja Medical Talks, volunteering, participating in camps and other offerings will begin to give a base for lifetime decisions.  You get out as much as you put into the program.  For every Academy event, hours will monitored to help with resume building in the future.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is a positive reflection of themselves, their families, and Twinsburg City Schools.   
There are careers students know.  There are careers that students do not know. And there are careers that do not even exist yet that students will have available later in life.  Because of this we encourage students to attend a wide range of career type events just to expose them to as many options as possible.  
Please encourage your student to participate to start to explore options for life after high school.  Parents are the key.  We provide the opportunity and parents supply guidance.  Helping with transportation to and from events for  your student and if at all possible sign up to volunteer at events that are sponsored by our partners.
We also encourage parents to attend these events with students to be able to engage in a constructive conversation with students after the events. Parents are the main influence on their children and it is important that proper information is known to help guide students to a suitable path.
Businesses & Organizations 
There are various levels of involvement listed below.  For further information please contact Norm Potter at npotter@twinsburgcsd.org

Curriculum Input

Twinsburg High School (THS) is developing courses to address needs seen in the workplace.  Through discussions, THS has added an Introduction to Business course and Business Communications course.  Our partners gave input for these classes and the curriculum was developed accordingly.  Are you willing to share what you see to improve our curricular offerings?

Curriculum Collaboration

Teachers will visit businesses and organizations to develop an understanding of the expectations of our partners in their workplace.  Partners will participate in training from the school to help with the understanding of how schools need to operate under state guidelines, mandates and the standards based curriculum.  Then the teachers and the our partners will meet to develop lessons, units, labs, contests, and/or challenges to will be incorporated in the curriculum.  Are you willing to participate in training and in curriculum development with school personnel?  

Classroom Speaker

Our plan is to decrease the one and done options of classroom guest speakers.  We want to develop a partnership to match teacher needs with a speaker list of local business partners to target specific topics in a classroom setting.  Do you have people that are willing to be a dynamic speaker in a classroom?  If so, we will need names and topics they are willing to speak about to students and contact information.

Speaker for Twin Talks

Once a month we will offer to students, parents, community members and school personnel an opportunity to listen to a person from a business or organization about what they do in their occupation and the path they took to get there.  Do you have people that are willing to speak to a larger group and be dynamic and hold the attention of the audience for one hour?  If you have people that are willing to do this, please provide names and contact information.  

Classroom Site Visits

When a specific need arises in a classroom, we have a person in charge of matching the need of the class to a site that will help fill that need for our students.  Are you willing to have classrooms or grade levels tour your site and get a feel for what you do in your organization?

Provide Volunteer Opportunities

Our students need to make connections to your business and see what you do in as a company that deals directly with your business or when you provide a community service to give back to the community.  Do you have opportunities for students to volunteer with your company?  Please leave contact information so we can reach out and get details if you are interested in this aspect of the Academy.

Develop Summer Opportunities

Summer opportunities are a great way to continue learning once the school year is over.  There are two ways to be involved.  One way is to develop a stand alone fun learning experience about your industry or company for students that last from 2 days to 2 weeks and half a day to a full day each day. Another option is to be part of a group to develop an Academy camp that will introduce students to various businesses over a one to two week period  with each business being responsible for 1-2 days with the students. Planning sessions would be required to develop either type program.   As always we are trying to keep all Academy offerings low cost, no cost for students and for the district.  Would you be willing to either run your own experience or be part of a group of business that split time with students?

Student Shadowing

Shadowing opportunities will vary with what each business is comfortable doing with students.  It is recommended that the shadowing experience lasts a minimum of one week with multiple hours each day.  A maximum amount should be considered over a two week period multiple hours in a day.  Each experience should be limited to 1-2 students at a time.  Are you willing to develop a shadowing experience for students?


This experience will only be available juniors and seniors that have been in the program for multiple years.  This is to allow time for development, maturity, and focus so students requesting this type of situation will be well prepared to handle an adult work environment.  These experiences will be individualized and will expose students to the actual work required for a position as long as it is legal under state and OHSA guidelines.  The experience should last between 2-18 weeks, with multiple hours during the week.  It should be considered a training/learning situation with a solid plan to help the student learn what is required.  Are you willing to develop and implement an internship/apprenticeship program for students?

Paid Internship/Apprenticeship

A paid internship/apprenticeship is the same as above but will include a salary for students while they are learning from your group.  The pay in most programs range from $9-$10 an hour.  Because there is actual money involved it may allow for more experiences and trainings for students.  Also because money is involved hours are more flexible to help accommodate the budget within the company.  Are you interested and able to offer a paid internship/apprenticeship?

Post Graduate Assistance

This part is an extension beyond our Academy setting.  The design is to draw students to your business by offering some form of assistance after they have worked within your company during the time they were in high school and in the Academy.  Examples of what could be offered: full time employment, further training, scholarships, help with cost of books for college, tuition to a training program, or a  2 or 4 year college and beyond.  It is also appropriate to expect something in return for your investment into these students.  It would be acceptable that if you pay for additional training, you could require that students work for you during that time or over breaks or even after graduation for a period of time.  Since this is a postgraduate issue that agreement will be between the business and the graduate.  Are you willing to offer any programs post graduation?  If so, what would it look like for your company?


Sponsoring aspects of the Academy will help the program be viable for more students.  Classroom site visits, teacher professional development, resources, events and various other Academy items can be sponsored by our partners.  Contact Norm Potter for more informationnpotter@twinsburgcsd.org 
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