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Proposed 2022-23 TCSD Academic Calendar
On Wednesday, November 3rd, the Twinsburg Board of Education held a public hearing regarding the Proposed 2022-23 TCSD Academic Calendar.  Per statute, this public hearing is required to be held at least thirty days prior to the Board adopting the calendar.  The period of time between the public hearing and the meeting at which action is taken on the proposed calendar provides an opportunity for the public to provide feedback regarding the calendar.  It is expected that the Board of Education will take action regarding the Proposed 2022-23 TCSD Academic Calendar at its meeting on December 8th.  

Attached is a copy of the Proposed 2022-23 TCSD Academic Calendar.  Highlights include:
  • You will note three (3) Soft Reopening Days on August 16, 17, & 18th.  Please note that students in preschool – grade 8 will have Soft Reopening Days for all three (3) of these days noted, however, Twinsburg High School students would only have Soft Reopening Days on August 16 & 17 with August 18th being the first full day of classes for students in grades 9-12.
  • Friday, August 19th is a Data Day and students would not have school.
  • All students in grades preschool – 12 would report on Monday, August 22nd.
  • Students would not have school on Monday, September 26th as that will be a Curriculum Day or on Wednesday, October 5th.  The 26th is also Rosh Hashanah and the 5th is Yom Kippur which would provide an opportunity for our families of the Jewish faith to celebrate the holyday.
  • Winter Break would begin on Thursday, December School 22nd.  Students would resume school on Thursday, January 5th.
  • Please note something new in February.  Historically, a long weekend would be planned for the Presidents’ Day weekend, however, on this particular calendar, both Monday, February 13th and Monday, February 20th would be days off from school.  This recommendation actually came from our high school staff members who are concerned about the impact on the Blue and White schedule of classes when students are away from classes on both the Friday and a Monday connected to the same weekend.
  • Spring Break would be scheduled from Monday, March 27th through Friday, March 31st, with students returning on Monday, April 3rd.
  • The last day of the school year would be Thursday, May 25th for students and Friday, May 26th for the staff.

Again, the Academic Calendar will appear on the agenda for the December 8th  Twinsburg Board of Education Meeting.  Members of our community who would like to offer feedback should do so by email to Superintendent Kathi Powers at:  [email protected]..

Attachments Available To Download:
Proposed 2022-2023 TCSD Academic Calendar