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COVID-19 Response Lunch Program Changes
Meal Service (a la carte purchases for high school students) will be Cashless in the Classroom during this time of COVID-19.   For our parents of our high school students, during this time of COVID-19, our recommended transaction method is to accept pre-payments made via SPS EzPay.  We understand that this is not ideal for all families, however, with the goal of reducing contact, we feel that this is the best and safest way to handle payments for extras at this time.  All breakfast and lunches are free to all students for the 2021-22 School Year due to the Federal Governements extension of the Summer Seamless Option.

To register for a EzPay account, you will need to go to  then enter in your students name, school and student ID# to register each child. In addition, please note that parents will also have the option to drop off checks for a la carte purchases each Friday (at the Welcome Center of each building) for use by the second business day of the following week to allow for a quarantine period.

Meals will be served in the classroom.  This year due to COVID-19, in order to keep student contact to a minimum, Twinsburg Food Service will deliver breakfast and lunch to the classroom each day.  Each school will have one breakfast and two lunch options daily.  Lunch A options will always be served in a brightly colored graphic lunch bag.  Breakfast and Lunch B options will always be served in a plain white lunch bag.  Breakfasts will be delivered to the classroom first thing every morning for grades K-6.  Breakfast will be available for pick-up each morning at school's main entry each morning upon arrival.  Meal counts will be taken each morning for each day's meal service.   

Food Safety will remain our number one concern when we prepare meals for the students of Twinsburg City Schools.  All of our staff is trained annually on food safety.  Additionally, each one of our Managers in each one of our buildings is ServSafe Certified.  This year with COVID-19, we have become even more aggressive with food safety and sanitation.  This year we will only use pre-packaged fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that food handling is kept to a minimum.  All condiments, desserts and utensils will also be pre-packaged for your students' safety.  Our goal is always to serve your student the most nutritious and safest breakfasts and lunches possible.

Food Quality has been and always will be important.  Our Registered Dietitian, Mark Bindus, plans our menus to ensure that not only are the foods we serve safe, but nutritious and tasty.  Our menus are planned to exceed current Federal Standards and be appealing and tasty for your students.  Each day we will offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as our homemade pizza and Cheesy Bread with dipping sauce as a meatless options.

Throughout this COVID-19 situation, Twinsburg Food Service will continue to support the education process at Twinsburg City Schools by providing healthy, tasty and safe meals to our student body.