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Transportation When the Twinsburg District is Closed or 2-Hour Delayed

When Twinsburg City Schools are Closed (calamity days, holidays, in-service, etc.):

  • Private and Special Education Schools:  Students that attend a school that is open and has established bus routes from Twinsburg Transportation:  bus service is provided and follows its regularly scheduled route.
  • CVCC Students must provide their own transportation to and from Twinsburg High School (THS).
    Morning students:  
    Buses leave THS at 7:10 and return at 11:20.
    Afternoon students:  
    Buses leave THS at 10:15 and return at approx. 3:15.
  • CVCA and Walsh students must provide their own transportation to THS to catch the morning bus,  which leaves at 7:05.  The afternoon bus will follow its regularly scheduled route, no new stops will be created the same day.  

Two Hour Delayed Start Days:

  1. On days when Twinsburg schools have a two-hour delayed start, morning CVCC and morning Preschool is cancelled.  Busing is provided for all established routes (includes private and special education routes).  However, your stop will be two hours later than the current assigned stop time.  For example:  Morning stop is normally 6:50; add two hours for the delayed stop time and it will be 8:50.  Our goal is to keep our buses running safely and on time, but please be aware that on bad weather days your bus could be running late.
  2. Private and special education schools that have a delayed start when Twinsburg City Schools are open and on regular schedule will not be provided transportation.
  3. Morning transportation to CVCC is cancelled.  The midday and afternoon buses will run their regular schedule.
  4. Afternoon Preschool stop times will not change as busing will run the regular schedule.

    Click here for the link to the district's school closing or delay procedures.