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<< To August 2020 Events For September 2020 To October 2020 >>
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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Villa Angela-St. Joseph (Tri Match (VASJ/Trinity @ Briardale)
    Girls JV Tennis @ Cuyahoga Falls High School
    Girls Varsity Golf @ North Royalton
    Girls Varsity Tennis vs Cuyahoga Falls
    RBC Girls Volleyball @ Nordonia
    Soft Reopening for Students
    Boys JV Soccer @ Nordonia
    Boys Varsity Soccer @ Nordonia
    Girls Freshman Volleyball @ North Royalton
    Girls JV Volleyball @ North Royalton
    Girls Varsity Volleyball @ North Royalton
    PK-6 Virtual Student Materials Pick Up (Makeup)
    RBC Cross Country @ Aurora
    Soft Reopening for Students
    PK-6 Virtual Student Materials Pick Up (Makeup)
    BOE Regular Meeting
    Girls JV Soccer @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Girls JV Tennis vs North Royalton High School
    Girls Varsity Soccer @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ North Royalton
    Soft Reopening for Students
    Boys Freshman Soccer @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys JV Golf vs Walsh Jesuit
    Boys JV Soccer vs Cleveland Heights
    Boys Varsity Soccer vs Cleveland Heights
    Girls Freshman Volleyball @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls JV Volleyball @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls Varsity Tennis vs Shaker Heights
    Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    RBC Girls Volleyball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Soft Reopening for Students
    Varsity Cross Country vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Theodore Roosevelt (Rough Rider Invitational @ Windmill Lakes)
    Data Day, No School Students
    Special Meeting of the Board of Education - Virtual
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Theodore Roosevelt (Rough Rider Invitational @ Windmill Lakes)
    Girls JV Soccer @ Aurora
    Girls Varsity Soccer @ Aurora
    Labor Day, No School Students & Staff
    Boys JV Soccer vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Golf vs Theodore Roosevelt
    Boys Varsity Soccer vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Girls Freshman Volleyball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls JV Volleyball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls Varsity Volleyball vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    RBC Cross Country vs Stanton-Kent
    RBC Girls Volleyball vs Stow (Kimpton)
    School Begins
    Girls JV Soccer vs North Royalton
    Girls JV Tennis vs Brecksville-Broadview Hts High School
    Girls Varsity Soccer vs North Royalton
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys Freshman Football vs Copley
    Boys Freshman Soccer @ Strongsville
    Boys JV Golf vs Aurora City
    Boys Varsity Soccer @ Brush
    Girls Freshman Volleyball vs Wadsworth
    Girls JV Tennis vs Mayfield High School
    Girls JV Volleyball vs Wadsworth
    Girls Varsity Golf @ Medina (Medina Invitational)
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ Mayfield
    Girls Varsity Volleyball vs Wadsworth
    RBC Girls Volleyball @ Aurora
    BOE Finance Subcommittee Meeting
    Boys Varsity Football @ Copley
    Boys Freshman Soccer vs Mentor
    Boys JV Football vs Copley
    Boys JV Soccer vs Mentor
    Boys Varsity Soccer vs Mentor
    Girls JV Soccer vs Hathaway Brown
    Girls Varsity Soccer vs Hathaway Brown
    Varsity Cross Country @ North Royalton
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Aurora
    Girls JV Tennis @ Stow-Munroe Falls HS
    Girls Varsity Tennis vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    RBC Girls Volleyball @ Stanton-Kent
    Boys Freshman Soccer @ North Royalton
    Boys JV Soccer @ North Royalton
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Soccer @ North Royalton
    Girls Freshman Volleyball @ Hudson
    Girls JV Tennis vs N. D. C. L.
    Girls JV Volleyball @ Hudson
    Girls Varsity Golf vs Solon
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ N. D. C. L.
    Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Hudson
    RBC Cross Country vs Nordonia
    Girls Freshman Volleyball vs Nordonia
    Girls JV Soccer vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls JV Tennis @ Wadsworth Senior High School
    Girls JV Volleyball vs Nordonia
    Girls Varsity Soccer vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls Varsity Tennis vs Wadsworth
    Girls Varsity Volleyball vs Nordonia
    Boys Freshman Soccer vs Willoughby South
    Boys JV Golf vs Revere
    Boys Varsity Football vs Revere
    RBC Girls Volleyball vs Hudson
    Varsity Cross Country @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Theodore Roosevelt (Suburban League Trnmnt @ Windmill Lakes)
    Girls Varsity Golf @ Stow-Munroe Falls (Suburban League Trnmnt #3 @ Fox Den)
    Boys Freshman Soccer vs Brush
    Boys JV Football @ Revere
    Girls JV Tennis vs Hudson High School
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ Hudson
    RBC Girls Volleyball vs Tallmadge
    Boys Freshman Soccer @ Beachwood
    Boys JV Soccer @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys Varsity Golf vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys Varsity Soccer @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls Freshman Volleyball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Girls JV Tennis vs Chagrin Falls High School
    Girls JV Volleyball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    Girls Varsity Golf @ Hudson (Suburban League Trnmnt #4 @ Ellsworth Meadows)
    Girls Varsity Tennis vs Chagrin Falls
    Girls Varsity Volleyball vs Cuyahoga Falls
    RBC Cross Country vs Stow (Kimpton)
    BOE Regular Meeting
    Boys JV Golf @ Walsh Jesuit (@Brookledge CC)
    Girls JV Soccer @ Stow-Munroe Falls HS
    Girls Varsity Soccer @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys Freshman Football @ Tallmadge
    Boys JV Soccer @ Aurora
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Boys Varsity Soccer @ Aurora
    Council PTA General Meeting - Virtual
    Girls Freshman Volleyball vs North Royalton
    Girls JV Tennis vs Hathaway Brown School
    Girls JV Volleyball vs North Royalton
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ Hathaway Brown
    Girls Varsity Volleyball vs North Royalton
    RBC Girls Volleyball vs Nordonia
    Boys Varsity Football vs Tallmadge
    Boys JV Football @ Tallmadge
    Boys JV Soccer @ Willoughby South
    Boys Varsity Soccer @ Willoughby South
    Girls JV Soccer vs Jackson-Massillon
    Girls Varsity Soccer vs Jackson-Massillon
    Varsity Cross Country @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Aurora (Aurora Golf Invitational @ Barrington CC)
    Boys JV Golf @ Aurora (@ Walden CC)
    Data Day, No School Students
    RBC Girls Volleyball @ Cuyahoga Falls
    Boys JV Soccer vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Boys Varsity Soccer vs Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls Freshman Volleyball vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls JV Tennis vs Walsh Jesuit High School
    Girls JV Volleyball vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Girls Varsity Tennis @ Walsh Jesuit
    Girls Varsity Volleyball vs Brecksville-Broadview Heights
    Wilcox PTA General Meeting - Virtual
    Girls JV Soccer @ Wadsworth
    Girls Varsity Soccer @ Wadsworth
    Boys Freshman Football vs Aurora
    Boys Varsity Golf @ Barberton (Suburban League Trnmnt @ Goodpark Golf Course)
    Girls Freshman Volleyball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls JV Tennis @ Kenston High School
    Girls JV Volleyball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    Girls Varsity Tennis vs Kenston
    Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Stow-Munroe Falls
    RBC Girls Volleyball @ Stow (Kimpton)
    Varsity Cross Country vs Wadsworth
    Boys Varsity Football @ Aurora
    Grades 2 & 3 Read-a-thon (Virtual)
    Grades 2 & 3 Read-a-thon (Virtual)
    Boys JV Football vs Aurora
    Girls JV Soccer @ West Geauga
    Girls Varsity Soccer @ West Geauga
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