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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Booster Minutes Monday, September 17, 2018 Meeting called to order by Jack Rapkin at 7:02pm
Meeting Minutes: Secretary’s Report: Meeting minutes from August 20th were sent via email to the Band Booster Board and attendees by Cassandra Blyler. The minutes from the August 20th meeting will be uploaded by Cassie onto the Booster site.
President’s Remarks: Jack welcomes Dr Hebert to the booster meeting. The first band newsletter will go out to all students and parents this evening and will also be available on the booster site. If there are any outstanding band items, please return to the back storage room for inventory. We have had our presence at three open house events, two more to go. New and returning parental concession stand volunteers has been great and is much appreciated. There are still open spots that need filled. The food warmer in the concession stand has been a positive addition. We are having a trial run for changes to the line at concessions to minimize confusion and help the flow. Mr Fantone has presented additional youth football games, we need to decide if we want to work them, 9/29 from 1-6pm, 10/6 from 4-9pm and 10/13 from 10-4pm. As 10/6 is homecoming, the boosters decided to pass on this opportunity, but will open for the 9/29 and 10/13 games.
Directors Report: Mr Resnick: Absent, no report given. Mr Bonitz spoke on Mr Resnick’s behalf to state that the RBC band night was very successful, the bands felt very inclusive. The weather was great, and there were 230 people on the field. Mr Resnick and the RBC band appreciates the pizza and snacks provided after half time by the Band Boosters. Mr Resnick is preparing for the Veteran’s performance as well as the holiday concert and the jazz band is going to be starting very soon.
Mr Bonitz: The band will debut their new show with North Royalton. After this show the band will start preparing for the senior show. Usually the senior show is week 9 or 10, this year the senior show will be week 8. Audition materials will be released shortly for concert bands.
Ms Gossett: The 5th graders are starting to get their instruments and are very excited. The 6th graders are ready to go and are working on the holiday concert. Discussion about sharing the newsletter with the younger grades or tailoring a newsletter for the younger grades with shared articles or information.
Ms King: Ms King is writing a drill for one of the songs for the North Royalton show. She will be leading a pregame song on the final home game. Band Council Report: Report given by Xan Denker. The locker signs are up for band. The Penny war change has been counted. Tiger cards have been counted through about eighty percent. There is Twinsburg Band Boosters To enrich the education of the students of Twinsburg through Music a senior night meeting tomorrow after school, they will get the capes ready for senior night. There needs to be a bigger push for student volunteers for concession stands.
Committee Reports:
Treasurer’s report: Report given by Kristi McCormick. The August Treasurer’s report statement was distributed to the meeting attendees. Kristi has reformatted the treasure’s statement to provide a broader overview of expenses, current and expected. Last year’s totals have been added to the sheet to help visualize possible future needs. Volunteers: Ileana, not present. No report given.
Concessions: Report sent via text by Cindy Rapkin. Cindy states the hot box ordered and put into place in the concession stands has worked very well and is requesting a second hot box to be ordered. Discussion ensued regarding feasibility and location of second hot box. Jack made motion to order second hot box for concession stand. The second hot box would replace the roasters on the counter. Christine Martin seconded motion. All present were in agreement to order hot box.
Fundraising: Report given by Christine and Colleen: Gionino’s cards will begin October 1st. We will be receiving 600 cards. We are paying for the paper and ink this year, which will be about $40. Each student will get 5 cards to sell, the cards will be numbered. We may need to revisit the Gionino cards for next year, as the owner may not want to participate next year. The tiger cards’ student portion has been completed. We do need to continue to push sales in the concession stands. They have also been for sale at the open houses and will be for sale at the first couple of concerts since they are good for an entire year. For the second round of student winners, Isabella Huss won $25, Josh, Grace, Kristen, Katie and Travis won candy bouquets which included a tiger card and a gift certificate to Krispy Kreme. We need to encourage the sponsorship in the programs and the one liners. We need to encourage Amazon Smiles for sales. We have Dine Out’s coming up in November, December, April and May. Mavis recommends that we do a Dine Out month Every Tuesday in designated month, to increase profit. Amore dates conflict with other school events, we may have to table That’s Amore for this year. March 15 /16 is districts. February 15th is the tentative last payment due date for the NYC trip. The student board wrote thank you notes for the businesses that donated food on Tag day.
Publicist: Report given by Cassie Via: She will not be available for the next two football games. She will be asking for a fill in photographer. She has been working on the Shutterfly account and she is working on an article for alumni night for the paper. Twinsburg Band Boosters To enrich the education of the students of Twinsburg through Music
Uniform Report: Michelle Reed not present. Reminder given to have uniforms cleaned, Armadillo or DOC Summers are 2 that are used most often. Armadillo is the better choice if there are stains. Emma sent a Remind out for the students for the uniform cleaning. Receipts need to be turned in. Spirit Wear Report: Carie Ketz not present. Discussion regarding how the spirit wear sales have been much lower, we need to revisit how we have items available for cash and carry.
Old Business: No additional old business stated.
New Business: Topic of New York City trip presented by Mr Bonitz. The orchestra will be going with the band. Mr Bonitz has been working with Mr Cohn to finalize details and costs. The departure date for the trip will Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 5:30am. There will be a bag check in the night before. The buses will leave New York Sunday evening, March 24 at 10pm with an expected return time to THS at 6:30am on Monday morning, March 25, 2019. The Trip will be managed by Bob Rogers Travel, parents will establish an account with Bob Rogers Travel directly to manage payments through the IPS (Individual Payment System). The trip will include stops at Time Square, Grand Central Station, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Battery Park, and the National 9/11 Memorial. Also included are a Manhattan sightseeing tour, the Staten Island Ferry, a clinic with a NY Philharmonic conductor, a performance by the NY Philharmonic, as well as student’s choice of seeing either The Phantom of the Opera or Wicked. Students will perform at the Church of St Paul the Apostle on Saturday, March 23, 2019. We will need parent chaperones for this trip, preferably 1 chaperone per 6-8 students. There will be a parent meeting to further discuss the band trip on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at the THS band room. Adjourn: Call for a motion to adjourn was made by Jack Rapkin. Motion to accept by Colleen Larson, 2 nd by Kristi McCormick. The meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm.
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