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TCSD Releases 10th Edition of Our Quality Profile

2022-2023 Quality Profile

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, the Twinsburg City School District joins approximately 50 school districts across Ohio to once again release our “Quality Profile”, a more comprehensive assessment of our Districts’ performance designed to supplement the state’s Local Report Card. The report card along with the Quality Profile provides the most comprehensive set of data available to communities related to their school district. Because the Local Report Card continues to focus primarily on how well students perform on state mandated assessments, we feel it is important to inform our parents/guardians and community members of a greater understanding of how our District is addressing and meeting community expectations.

The report entitled “Quality Profile,” includes additional accountability measures that define a high-quality education that are not captured by the state's Local Report Card.  This Quality Profile helps to evaluate the effectiveness of our school district beyond standardized testing and other statistical measures provided in the state's Local Report Card. The Quality Profile is based on six categories: academics, arts, student leadership and activities, fiscal stewardship, parent and community involvement, and student services.

We recognize that both the state's Local Report Card and the Quality Profile are necessary vehicles to help provide our community with a comprehensive review of our District's progress yearly and year over year. Now in its tenth year of development and being released statewide for the ninth time, the Quality Profile is sponsored by the Alliance for High Quality Education, a statewide education consortium that works to improve educational opportunities for students and to represent member districts on matters of educational policy and funding.

We hope you enjoy reading the 10th edition of our Quality Profile.

Click here to download the 2022-2023 Quality Profile.

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