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Lost and Found

LOST AND FOUND:  When practical, it is advisable to mark or sew the child's first and last name on all items of clothing and label other personal property in some manner.  Personal items and clothing are kept on the bus for two weeks; after that they are turned into the Transportation Office.  At the end of each month, all articles that have not been claimed will be donated to a charity. 


Lunch boxes are kept on board the bus or will be given to an aide at the school at the time of drop off if it is found before the bus leaves the school.  If not claimed the same day, it will be emptied of food/drink and kept on the bus for two weeks, then turned into the Transportation Office and donated to a charity after a month.


Items that would be damaged by heat/cold or are of high value are turned in to the Transportation Office the same day after the bus run.  These items include:  Musical instruments, Phones, Electronics, Ear Buds, Chromebooks, etc.  These items must be retrieved by the parent/guardian.  


All items left after the end of the school year will be kept until the end of June and will then be donated to a charity.

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