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Wilcox Tigers Participate in Polar Project!

At Wilcox Primary School, Mrs. Leigh Ann Turschak's Kindergarten class happens to be doing a Polar project, just like Mrs. Shari Jaskiewicz's Kindergarten Preparatory Program (KPP) Preschool class! Both classes are Project-Based Learning classrooms. 

The Kindergarten students worked on group projects. Each group researched a different polar animal. On Wednesday, March 15th, the students gave presentations to the KPP students on their animals. Then, they walked the preschoolers through the classroom Polar Research Station. Both classes were excited to share this experience. 

The photos below show the Kindergarten students giving presentations to the KPP students. One picture shows a KPP student ice fishing in the classroom Arctic. There is also a picture of the Kindergarten Polar Research Station. 

What a great idea Mrs. J. and Mrs. Turschak! Such great learning and sharing!   You make us Tiger Proud!

students presenting their polar animal informationstudents presenting their polar animal information
students presenting their polar animal informaionstudent "ice fishing"
classroom arctic research center

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