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TCSD School Reopening Plan - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Q: Will option 1 and 2 offer similar opportunities for advanced, gifted, honors and AP classes? Will those options be similar to past years?
A: It is our intention to accommodate the various learning levels of all of our students. Once parents submit their declaration surveys, we will be able to begin planning for academic interventions, special programming, and accelerated opportunities for students both on-campus as well as in the virtual academy.
Q:  Will the teachers be teaching the kids virtually through Google team meeting or another program? Will the kids be able to ask questions during this time? Or will this all be by youtube?
A:  The Twinsburg City School District Virtual Academy will use the Google Classroom and Google Meets. Lessons will be live/interactive with opportunities for non-screen time independent work where students will be asked to engage in problem-based learning by using the 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration as they work to master the power learning standards. Additionally, teachers will be available via Office Hours.
Q:  We understand that there will be both a soft re-opening for our on-campus and the Twinsburg City School District Virtual Academy. Can you explain both options?
A:  Students in the virtual academy will not attend the on-campus Soft Reopening Days. There will be an orientation for the Virtual Academy, date to be announced.
Q:  Will AP courses be offered at the Virtual Academy and if so, who will be teaching them and what curriculum will be used?
A:  AP courses will be offered in the Virtual Academy. The curriculum will be the AP College Board curriculum. Staffing has not been determined.
Q: I have discussed the use of educational packets as a supplement to online learning with many Twinsburg parents and many of us feel this would have made a huge difference in the spring as well. (Decreasing screen time - safer for eyes, sleep pattern, mood and concentration).
A:  It is our intent to be as paperless as possible. We are concerned about the transmission of the virus on paper. We believe the best instruction is interactive in nature. Therefore, we are encouraging our teachers to implement paperless classrooms as much as possible using the Google Classroom.
Q: For families who choose the Virtual Academy, what do you anticipate will be the parent involvement needed during a typical school day (for a 4th grader).
A: Due to the fact that theTwinsburg City School District Virtual Academy will be more interactive in nature, the teachers will have scheduled Google Meets and Office Hours. The schedule for virtual classes will be aligned to the building class schedule. Therefore, students should not be dependent upon parental involvement.
Q: With THS starting Sept 8 and CVCC starting August 19 will there be busing for the THS students going to CVCC?
A:  Yes, busing will be provided to CVCC starting on the first day for CVCC. Please reach out to CVCC for specific questions. The CVCC website is:  http://www.cvccworks.edu
Q:  When will guidance counselors be available for schedule changes?
A:  School counselors report to work on August 10, 2020. 
Q:  How will we pick up curriculum books, how do we return library books? 
A:  If parents select the virtual academy option for their child(ren) there will be pick-up options for curriculum materials.  Library books may be returned to the Board of Education Office, 11136 Ravenna Road, on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Q:  Will there be a change to study halls?  For example, will study halls be moved to the beginning or end of the school day so in-person students can arrive late or leave early?
A:  We are not expected to schedule study halls.
Q:  I want to make sure that remote learning does not interfere with my child's in-class experience. 
A:   The virtual academy and on-campus classes are two separate options.  We are not livestreaming lessons.
Q:  For students selecting the on-campus option, on the days that high school students are working from home, will they be on a schedule where there are hybrid classes, or will they just have specific assignments to complete on those days on their own time schedule, as long as they complete their assignments? 
A:  Middle and high school students working from home on their alternating Blue/White day will be  completing assignments at their own pace.
Q:  If the school is closed again, how will that virtual learning differ from the virtual academy?
A:  If our schools are closed again due to the pandemic, students enrolled in our on-campus option will transition to remote learning.  Remote learning lessons will pick up with the instruction from the point of school closure using Google classroom and Google Meets.  Following the outbreak, students will resume classes on-campus with their teacher(s). 
Q:  Will the virtual academy be a true, rigorous workload, along with measures put into place to avoid cheating on quizzes/tests?  There is concern that those that choose the virtual academy will boost GPAs unfairly due to ability to cheat on quizzes/tests.
A:   Yes, the virtual academy will be a rigorous learning environment.  Security measures will be in place to address credibility and fairness.
Q:  If a student is on a 504 Plan, will be be able to get extra help?  Will the 504 agreement stand at home, for instance, if there is a test, will they get the extra time, extra time for homework, rework help, etc?
A:  Yes, all accommodations will be provided based upon the individual student's 504 Plan.
Q:  How will testing accommodations be handled particularly for a high school student who has an IEP and needs extended time?  Will she be able to go in on her off day for that testing?
A:  Testing accommodations will be managed by the student's case manager.  The testing would take place on a scheduled day in school.  This allows the cohort of students to remain together. 
Q:  My 8th grader is taking two high school classes and two Honors classes.  Would he still have the same middle school teacher as his Geometry teacher?  This is important because she is a very good teacher.  If not, then I would prefer the Blended Learning.
A:  Staffing decisions have not been determined yet.
Q:  At the elementary schools, will the teachers teach the entire class at once or will they be split between multiple classrooms?
A:   Elementary general education teachers will teach in one classroom with one "family group" of students.
Q:  What will happen with state testing requirements for graduation?  My student is a senior and she needs to retake some test and also obviously did not take the last one which would've been government.
A:  Recently enacted legislation (HB 164 - Section 12) allows school districts and schools to substitute an eligible student's final course grade in an eligible course for the corresponding high school student's end-of course examination.  There is additional information about this topic on the Ohio Department of Education's website:   www.education.ohio.gov
Q:  If I choose virtual learning for my 1st grader, how will she be assessed for reading level/fluency, math, etc?
A:  Guided reading levels will be assessed by the virtual academy teacher assigned to work with your child.  Additionally, NWEA MAP wll be administered to students in grades K-8. 
Q:  Generally, what assessments will kids have during the end of August/first few days of September?  Will these tests determine their placement in gifted classes in 4th grade or advanced math in 7th grade? Are they COGAT, MAPS, SLO tests?  Will they need to take multiple tests that day?  Will they already know their schedules and teachers before they attend school that day?
A:  Assessments will not determine class placement.  CogAT will not be administered during the soft reopening.  Yes, students will know their classroom teachers and schedules before the soft reopening.  The goal of these days is for the student and the teacher to get to know each other and learn about the safety protocols and the importance of social distancing while at school.   Chromebooks will also be distributed during soft reopening days.
Q:  Will the tests, assignments, and assessments be identical for in-person and online students?
A:  All instruction, on-campus or virtual, will follow Ohio's Learning Standards.  Our intention is for the pacing between these two options to be similar, although not exact.  
Q:  Is the intent for daily interaction with teachers or every other day for the virtual academy?
 A:  It is our intention for lessons in both the virtual academy option and in our on-campus option to be on pace with each other.  The pace may not be exact, but it needs to be similar so that our students, no matter their option, are progressing through the curriculum together.  With our experience from last Spring, we know that it is difficult to focus on a computer screen for extended periods of time, thus our virtual academy educators will provide both interactive lessons as well as independent assignments which integrate the 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.  The daily schedules will be established once our staff returns from summer break.  Regardless, students selecting either option, should plan to be engaging in school work either on-campus or at home, five days a week.

Co/Extracurricular Activities

Q: Will the kids still have physical education, art, music?  Will they have extras like student council or choir?
A: We plan to offer co/extracurricular and athletic offerings unless suggested otherwise by the Ohio Department of Health, the Summit County Public Health Department and/or the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).
Q: I would like to know how kids would continue participation in sports but still maintain safe distance measures. My son plays football which is a total contact sport and I’m very concerned because he has asthma also and is at high risk.
A:  We are following the guidance offered by the Summit County Public Health Department and the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).  Our Athletic Department and coaching staff are working to ensure that our student athletes follow the prescribed safety protocols.  The Board of Education recently supported the employment of an Activities Janitor who will have the express purpose of sanitizing athletic and co/extracurricular equipment as well as the areas used by students who engage in these activities.
Q: Will the students still be able to participate in the orchestra and band, even if they attend the virtual academy?
A:  At this time, it is our intention to provide as many co-curricular activities as possible such as Band and Orchestra.  Scheduling between the on-campus option and the virtual academy option needs to be similar to provide opportunities for students who engage in the virtual academy to also participate in these co-curricular offerings. 
Q:  Will the school day starting and ending times for 9th graders be the same as 10th-12th graders to allow for them to start extracurricular activities & sports all at the same time?
A:  The school day schedule for students in grades 9 - 12 has not been determined at this time.  However, co/extracurricular and athletics are being considered as the school day schedule is developed.
Q:  Are 9th graders considered high schoolers?  Will they have typical access to high school sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, and homecoming?
A:  Yes, ninth grade is considered to be high school.  Ninth grade students will be provided access to all high school activities, as appropriate and permissible.
Q:  Can students attend sports practice and extracurriculars during a day they are scheduled for remote instruction? (Students are trying to figure out if they can attend extra curricular activities with their friends who may be attending school on different days than they are attending school).
A:   Yes.
Q:  Can you explain the impact of safety measurements on extra-curricular activities? Will virtual students have any opportunities to participate? Will 9th graders be attending Washington DC trips in the fall? What EC activities will be cancelled, and if there are any existing EC activities (clubs, sports, student council, field trips), what is the safety protocol?
A:   At this time, the guidance from health officials states that field trips will not be permitted.   Extracurricular and athletic offerings will be determined based on the guidance from health officials and the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Virtual academy students may participate in co/extracurricular activities and athletics.  In August, the Board of Education will likely formally approve the reimbursement of fees for overnight field trips which were scheduled in the spring of 2020.  Once formally approved, the Treasurer's Office will be able to issue reimbursement checks to parents.
Q:   Will volleyball take place in the fall? I see tryouts are Aug. 3 and 4th. What will be the guidelines for volleyball?
A:   As of today, we anticipate volleyball to take place this fall.  As with all of our District's athletic programs, we are awaiting further guidance from the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).
Q:   What are the likelihood that fall sports will actually be played, specifically volleyball?
A:  As of today, we anticipate volleyball to take place this fall.  As with all of our District's athletic programs, we are awaiting further guidance from the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).
Q:  If there is going to be non contact sports like volleyball and track, how would this work for those in the Virtual Academy? Would they just come to the school after classes are over?
A:  Students who select the virtual academy option may participate in our District's co/extracurricular and athletic opportunities.  
Q:  Will athletes be tested for Covid prior to each game?
A:  No.
Q:  Will the incoming 7th graders still go on their Camp Fitch trip in October?
A:   At this time, the guidance from health officials states that field trips will not be permitted.  In August, the Board of Education will likely formally approve the reimbursement of fees for overnight field trips which were scheduled in the spring of 2020.  Once formally approved, the Treasurer's Office will be able to issue reimbursement checks to parents.
Q:  Will Show Choir in the High School still have a class? Or is Show Choir going to be cancelled this year? Especially with the 9th graders going to a different school, this will be difficult for them to meet and social distance when they do have practice.
A:   Co/extracurricular opportunities such as Show Choir will be determined based on the guidance from health officials.  At this time, we are awaiting guidance regarding vocal music.

Food Services

Q: If students get free/reduced lunch how will they get their food if lunch is required to be eaten in the classroom?
A:  Our Food Service staff members will deliver breakfast and lunches to the classrooms.  We are currently developing a plan to provide breakfast and lunch to qualifying high school and middle school students who are participating in both the on-campus Blue/White schedule option as well as qualifying students who select the virtual academy option.  Details will be forthcoming.

Health & Safety

Q: In the past, parents and teachers have had to supply classrooms with wipes and hand sanitizers. Will this now be provided to all classrooms by the district? If so, why was it not provided before now?
A: Hand sanitizer will be provided by the District. Sanitizing wipes are not effective in killing COVID germs, but may combat other viruses. You are welcome to send in sanitizing wipes; however, they will not be on the supply list this year.
Q: How will students that are less cooperative that don't stay in their assigned seat/space, keep their hands to themselves, keep their hands off other students' things, etc be handled to keep the other students and staff safe?
A: Our teachers will teach students behavior expections and the new safety protocols, and then will provide gentle reminders, modeling, redirection.
Q: If water fountains are shut down, if my child drinks all of the water in the bottle I send in the morning, how do they refill it for the rest of the day? Should I send more than one bottle?
A: The District does have refillable water stations in our schools, however, at this time, we are uncertain if the refillable water stations will be permissible.  More information is expected to be forthcoming from the Summit County Public Health Department.
Q: What is the plan if a child becomes sick during the day? If a parent doesn't come and get them or can't come right away, is there a separate location for them to wait?
A: Each building will have three designated health stations. One station will be for students to receive daily medication, band-aids, ice, etc. The second station will be used for students who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms. The third station is a quarantine room. Students will wait for parents to pick them up from the quarantine room.
Q: Why aren't the schools doing temperature check upon arrival?
A: Our Reopening Plan document asks that family members check their child's temperature prior to leaving for school. We will be following health safety protocols advised by the Summit County Public Health Department. The protocols may be adjusted based on the guidance of the health officials and internal conversations with our administrative staff.  Updates will be provided to our families.
Q: How do the schools plan on doing the normal school safety drills - active shooter, fire, tornado, while social distancing?
A:  We have been in direct contact with our local safety officals regarding this topic and we await further direction from them.  
Q:  What kind of school building and bus deep cleaning will be done and on what schedule?
A:   Bus sanitizing will be done after each route and a deep cleaning at the end of each day.  Frequent cleaning will be conducted on high touch areas (i.e. door handles, railing, etc.).  Classrooms will be deep cleaned (sanitized) each evening.  Common areas will be cleaned after each cohort departs.  Restrooms will be sanitized every two hours.  
Q:   Will the students be switching classrooms throughout the day?  What measures will be put in place to help avoid hallway congestion during switch times?
A:  It is not expected for students in grades PreK - 8 to switch classes with the exception of possibly attending a specialist class (ie Physical Education) in an alternate location.  High school students will switch for classes. There will be signage to establish clear paths in the hallways to ensure safety and social distancing.  
Q:  Will students share supplies?
A:   Students will not share school supplies. 
Q:   First, thank you to everyone involved for all of the hard work done to put together plans for the school year. I am focused only on the high school as that's where my child will be and I am completely overwhelmed. I can't imagine everything that went into planning for five schools. I love that there is an option for virtual or in person, while the choice will be difficult to make, it is wonderful that we have the option. I have several questions and have grouped them by subject so there is more than one on here. 1. Can you define what you mean by "expectations" throughout the document? On Ohio's sector operating requirements, it's split up into Mandatory and Best Practices. While something can be expected to happen, that doesn't mean it will actually happen. 2. Could you please reconsider the mask policy for the students? If you are unable to make them mandatory for the full day (I get it, very difficult), how about mandatory upon entering/leaving the building, at all times in the hallways, bathrooms, and everywhere except when they are sitting down/socially distant in the classrooms. 3. I understand propping open doors, how will security be handled as anyone can walk into the school and/or classrooms. 4. If students will be carrying around backpacks due to locker protocol, how will you ensure that there are no weapons or other prohibited items in there? Even if a child has a clear backpack, they could put something between books, wrap it up, or put something in front of it to hide it. 5. Will there be any upgrades in the ventilation systems? 6. Janitors will be cleaning classrooms after every class, is that realistic? Won't there need to be a lot more janitors than we have? 7. Will there be barriers of some sort between students working together or between teachers and students?
A:  The language used to develop the District's reopening plan was taken from guidance provided by Governor Mike DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Summit County Public Health Department.  With regard to masks, the Board of Education will develop a mask policy.  Thereafter, the Superintendent will develop Administrative Guidelines that will detail expectations regarding facial coverings.  Building administrators will enforce the guidelines through the Student Code of Conduct.  External doors will only be open during arrival and dismissal.  School staff will be stationed near these doors during these times. As always, we will continue our partnership with our local safety officials and request their guidance with regard to this matter.  We understand the safety concerns you raise regarding students carrying backpacks in school.  Our school staff will continue to remind students about safe behavior and expectations.  We will monitor appropriate staffing levels to ensure that our safety protocols occur as expected.  Per the guidance received from the Summit County Public Health Department, there is limited health impact to using plexiglass barriers on students' desks, therefore, the District will not use them in our classrooms except potentially for one-to-one teacher-to-student interaction and for use in the school offices.
Q:  Will high schoolers be moving around the school all day or stay in one room?  If in one room, will they keep their original schedule?  Will they still be primarily online?
A:  Because of the complexity of the high school schedule,  students will switch classrooms, but will do so in a controlled manner. Classrooms will be sanitized between cohort groups. It is our intention to use Google Classroom and blended learning activities.
Q:   My son will be going into the second grade which means he'll be at the high school.  Will accommodations be made in the restroom for children in second and third grade for the urinals and sinks?  Will the second graders have a designated bathroom to use?
A:  Much like restrooms in other public facilities, our fixtures are typical in height and structure.  Mrs. Johnson will schedule the location and times for restrooms breaks with her teachers.
Q:  Will the parents/students have an opportunity to see what the classrooms will look like before school starts in September?
A:  It is our intention to create a video demonstrating what a classroom set up will look like.  This video will be posted on the Twinsburg City School District website.
Q:   Since my children are stuck in the worst school in district- DODGE, what improvements will be done regarding the building itself and quality of air?
A:  We continue to address the concerns as outlined in our Facilities Assessment.  
Q:   Will ALL students be washing their desks AFTER lunch (this is relevant for kids like mine with food allergies)?  
A:  Accomodations will be made for students with food allergies.
Q:   What is the process to ensure the HVAC units are processing clean air through the buildings?  
A:  Our custodial and maintenance staff members follow a replacement schedule for filters.  They also follow a schedule for the maintenance of our District's HVAC units.
Q:  How will the safety of our children be implemented during recess time?
A:  We will follow the Summit County Public Health Department's guidance with regard to the safe engagment of students during recess. Initially the thought is to have classrooms of students (classroom family groups ) playing together.  At this time, playground equipment will not be used or shared.
Q:   How can you guarantee parents are checking temperatures prior to their child getting on the bus with mine? Are bus drivers able to check temps as the children get on the bus?
A:  The District will establish Health Monitoring Protocols following guidance from the Summit County Public Health Department and Governor DeWine's orders.  Established protocols will be shared with all families.  It is our hope that families will partner with the school district in the implemention of these health protocols.  
Q:  Will the district be practicing “test-and-trace”?  Will students and staff be tested for the virus at any regular interval?
A:   This is not planned at this time.
Q:   Will you be testing all kids in the school?
A:  No, unless we are mandated by the Summit County Public Health Department.
Q:   If my child is sick from a non-COVID related illness what is the policy for returning to school?
A:  Same as in the past.
Q:   They are testing the kids that play sports, are they going to test all the kids?
A:   At this time, the Twinsburg City School District is not COVID testing any students. We will not do so unless mandated by County or State authorities.
Q:   Does the district plan on monitoring student temperatures throughout the day, since a child might not have a fever in the morning, but could develop one later in the day.
A:  The District will establish Health Monitoring Protocols following guidance from the Summit County Public Health Department and Governor DeWine's orders. Information and expectations regarding these protocols will be communicated with our families.
Q:  What are consequences for students, families, or even staff not following safety requirements.  And if safety requirements are not being upheld fully, will students be able to switch to online academy?
A:  Building principals will revisit the Code of Conduct and behavior expectations with students as the school year gets underway and again frequently throughout the school year.  Health and safety protocols will be shared with our parents.  Health and safety protocols will be detailed for staff members in our Staff Handbook.  It will take all of us working together to ensure our learning and work environments are safe and healthy for everyone.
Q:  How is the district notified if a student, staff member or family member has tested positive or been exposed to someone who tested positive? Will this come from the state, the county or will notification be the sole responsibility of the individual parent, staff member etc?
A:  The District will be notified by Summit County Public Health Department.
Q:  What will happen when someone in the school tests (+) for COVID? Who will be informed? How will tracing occur?
A:   The District will work directly with the Summit County Public Health Department.  Contact tracing is conducted by County Health Officials; however, the District will cooperate by providing contact information as requested by the County office.  Decisions to pivot to remote teaching and learning will be determined on a case-by-case basis after direct consulation with Summit County Public Health officials.  
Q:  If summit county it’s a level 4 will schools be closed? I’ve seen they “may.” How will it be decided?
A:   The Board of Education is currently considering alignment with the COVID-19 Alert System.
Q:  My kids usually get a 3 week cough at some point during the winter.  Will students with a cough be permitted to attend school in person?  Will their siblings be permitted to attend school?  Is there a plan for quickly moving kids who are not able to attend school in person due to a COVID symptom to temporary fully online instruction?
A:   Students exhibiting COVID related symptoms or other childhood illnesses should stay home.  Typical to years past, parents should contact teachers for make up assisnments.
Q:   What is different from March that makes it a good idea to open schools? What is the science behind the decision to open?
A:  Our District now has a defined plan. Every classroom and learning space has been measured to calculate six (6)-foot social distancing.  Masking and sanitization is in place.  Professional development regarding health and safety protocols has occured with our staff and will continue into the new school year.
Q:  I’m afraid about my child because he has underlying health conditions (Asthma badly). He’s very smart and I would like him to attend school. What would be the best for my child attending school verses virtually safely.
A:  Please discuss the options with your child's health care provider.
Q:   I would like my preschooler and 1st grader to wear a mask. Will this be encouraged and do you think it is feasible?
A:  YES - this is a family decision and supported by the District.
Q:   Will the children younger than 3rd grade be allowed to wear a mask?  I know it is required on the bus but I would love my 1st grader to wear one most of the day if possible. I am a pediatrician and have been impressed so far with how well kids manage masks in my office and would like her to have some protection for her and her teachers.
A:   Yes.
Q:   Mask policy, will it be released prior to July 17th?
A:  No, the Board of Education will develop a mask policy with anticipated approval in August 2020.
Q:  I know face masks are not required. Are face shields permissible, in place of a mask at Wilcox and in addition to a mask for the older kids (3rd grade and up)?
A:   The Board will develop a mask policy aligned to the Govenor's mandates.  The policy is forthcoming.
Q:  What will our district be doing to reduce the stigma for students who are unable to wear masks? I am concerned with the possibility of children being bullied for their inability to wear them.
A:  More than ever, we are working to create inclusive practices that support empathy and respect for children who may not be able to adhere to the mask policy.  
Q:  Will they have opportunities for mask breaks?
A:  Mask breaks will be at appropriate times assigned by the teacher. Mask breaks may include lunch, water breaks, a walk around the outside perimeter of the school, etc.
Q:  Does the rule for masks on 3rd grade and above change given the Summit county mandate was announced after the school reopening plan?
A:  The Board of Education is in the development of a mask policy.
Q:   Is there a time or place during the school day when students are required to wear masks?
A:  The Board of Education is developing a mask policy.  However, all students need to wear masks on the bus.  
Q:   This question is regarding Wilcox. I was wondering if the times for school will be the same 8:25-3:00? Will classrooms be decided into smaller groups. Also, how will special instructions effect those who have IEPs?
A:  School schedules are being finalized.  We will follow the specially designed instruction as outlined in the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  All classrooms and learning spaces will be divided to allow for 6-foot social distancing.
Q:  Will there be Flexi Glass between each student:  For non-high schoolers?
A:  No. 


Q; First graders at Bissell:  Can you please explain more about class size anticipation.  I know you do not have final numbers or plans but just an idea?  How many students will be in each classroom at Bissell while conforming to the social distancing guidelines?  What is the maximum amount of first graders to a classroom?  Will there be sneeze/cough barriers installed around desks?
A: The average classroom size at Bissell will accommodate 15 students at a 6-foot social distance protocol.  The Summit County Public Health Department indicated that there are limited health benefits to providing sneeze guards therefore, the District will not be installing them on student desks.  
Q: Please address ventilation in buildings to ensure most beneficial airflow patterns.
A: Over the summer, maintenance was performed on all HVAC systems to ensure efficient circulation.  Systems are being reviewed to allow for the maximization of outside air entering the system.  
Q: Where will the high school student drivers park?
A: Student parking lots will be assigned with details being sent to parents and students prior to the start of the school year.
Q: What does a school day look like for a student that is on campus Grades 7-8? 9-12?
A; With regard to the Blue/White schedule, assignments assigned to students on the days they are not in school will support the learning that happens while with their teachers, and will require the students to engage in using the 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and information literacy to complete the assignments.  Students will be encouraged to use Google classroom to complete assignments.  These assignments will likely be more in-depth and project-based.  Students will then return to school on their next scheduled day with their teachers where the instruction will build upon the assignments they completed while at home.  
Q: We understand that ninth graders are not allowed to carry bags in school. If the kids are able to carry bags, they could have their items with them for the day and it would eliminate  clustering around lockers throughout the day.  Can this rule be reconsidered?
A:  Students will be issued a clear bag in which to carry their Chromebook and materials.  Students need to consider necessary materials only.  Parents should not purchase any other backpacks for the 2020-2021 school year.
Q: When teachers have a class in person with students in the classroom, will they also have students online live during the in person class?  
A:  No, our District will not be live streaming.
Q: So you're moving the elementary students to the high school. How will you ensure they do not get lost in this new building?
A: The District is planning a soft re-opening to give students the opportunity to learn the new building and to take tours (while practicing social distancing). It is our desire to give the physical high school building an "elementary feel". We have 2 very seasoned administrators who will be involved in the development of signage and creating an inviting elementary environment.
Q: I have twins going into 8th grade. Will the school be ensuring that both students are in the same rotation schedule?
A: It is our intention for family groups to attend school on the same day.
Q: How will 9th graders be expected to get to the HS for fall athletic practices or will they walk across the street to RBC for practice. ie VB
A: Just like our Lady Tiger Girls' Soccer Team travels to Dodge for practices, our students will need to travel to designated practice locations.
Q: What precautions will be put into place for my student who participates in extra curriculars? Such as footballs, weights, locker rooms are sanitized and safe?
A:  As sanitization is a top priority, we continue to strengthen our cleaning practices as we are currently engaging our students in return to play protocols starting with preseason conditioning and band camp. We have invested in a great amount of cleaning equipment to enhance our cleaning protocols. Further, the employment of an Activities Janitor was approved by the Board of Education to ensure that equipment and areas used for co/extracurricular activities and athletics is sanitized on a frequent basis. 
Q: How will you accommodate small children like 2nd graders at the high school. IE: urinals, toilets that are too tall, door handles that aren't small kid friendly, Will Tables and chairs and all the desks be moved to appropriate classrooms?
A:  Desks and chairs will be age-appropriate. Door knobs will continue to be used by the adults. Restrooms are standard.
Q:  Can you opt into one option but then change at the semester?  For example start with in person, but if numbers start going up switch to virtual OR if starting with virtual and numbers are improving can you opt into in-person after the first semester?
A:  Families are asked to commit for the first semester of the school year to allow the District to provide for appropriate staffing, transportation, scheduling, etc.  Should a family experience a significant hardship and needs to request an alternate pathway for their child/children, they should contact their building administrator.
Q:   For virtual option: What will typical schedule be? Will there be a reset day weekly? Will students be expected to be logged in and on meetings at certain times each day or will there be more flexibility in when assignments can be completed?
A:  Students selected the Twinsburg City School District Virtual Academy will engage in lessons five days a week and there will not be a reset day. There will be a specific schedule with specific login times as the lessons will be interactive in nature.  The teacher will offer Office Hours for assistance.  The pacing of lessons and activities for students selecting the virtual academy option will be similar, although not exact, to the pacing of our on-campus classrooms.  The pace may not be exact, but it needs to be similar so that our students, no matter their option, are progressing through the curriculum together.  With our experience from last Spring, we know that it is difficult to focus on a computer screen for extended periods of time, thus our virtual academy educators will provide both interactive lessons as well as independent assignments which integrate the 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.  The daily schedules will be established once our staff returns from summer break.
Q:  Will class sizes be capped at a max number of students? (Specifically interested in kindergarten)
A:   Class sizes are capped based on the 6-foot social distancing requirements.
Q:   With classrooms being sanitized between periods, what is the change over time expected to be between classes? Will that dramatically affect the length of classes?
A:  Preschool - Grade 8 students will not be changing classes.  For Grades 9-12, sanitization schedules will occur between class changes and are being finalized.  
Q:  How will the elementary school students at THS interact with high school students? Or will they be kept separate? Will they operate on different schedules?
A:  Students in grades 10-12 will attend school at RBC.  Students in grade 9 will attend school at George. G. Dodge Intermediate.  Elementary and high school students will not interact.
Q:   How many students will be in a 6th grade class for in-person learning? For the virtual academy?
A:  Generally, the classrooms at the high school will accomodate 19 students with 6-foot social distanced protocols.
Q:  My 9th grader will be at Dodge, how will he participate with the rest of the band at RBC?
A:  High school band will be scheduled to have class at the same time regardless of grade level.  Details will be forth coming.
Q:  Why are the 9th graders seperate from the rest of the high school?
A:  Ninth graders are at George G. Dodge Intermediate due to needed space for 6-foot social distancing protocols.
Q:  If grades K through 6 are attending school daily, will more teachers be hired to reduce class sizes? If not, what is the purpose of having them in the high school if there will still be 25-30 kids in a classroom?
A:  The capacity of the high school classrooms is larger than at the elementary schools.  Staffing will be based upon the number of students attending on-campus classes, while maintaining the required social distancing protocols.  Special area teachers may be reassigned if necessary.
Q:  How will safety drills be handled with distancing and increased need for air circulation (doors open)?
A:  The District is in direct contact with our local safety officials and we await their guidance with regard to school safety drills, fire drills, and tornado drills.  
Q:  High school (10-12) How many kids are you thinking will be in any given classroom?
A:  The average capacity of classrooms at R.B. Chamberlin is 12 students with 6-foot social distancing protocols.  
Q:  How many students maximum will be in an in-person classroom?  I can understand that it may depend on the room size or the building perhaps, so if there isn’t a number you can quote, please advise if it is expected to at least be less students in the same room than the previous average number of students per class (or is it the same)?  
A:  All classrooms have been measured to assure 6 foot social distancing protocols.  Yes, all classrooms will have fewer students in them this year due to the six-foot social distancing requirements. 
Q:   For in person, how many per classroom?  How will classrooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, other communal spaces be organized to ensure social distancing (esp since masks are not required for students)?
A:   The intention is to minimalize the use of common areas (i.e. cafeterias).  Restrooms will be sanitized in two-hour increments.  
Q:  Will children be given lockers?  Can RBC lockers hold high school AP textbooks?
A:   We are awaiting guidance from health officials regarding the use of lockers.
Q:  How will three grades fit into a school designed for two grades?
A:  R.B. Chamberlin was built for four grade levels.  George G. Dodge was built for three grade levels.  Regardless, District officials have measured each classroom and learing space and the plan was designed around those measurements.
Q:  Why do first graders get an entire school to themselves?
A:  Due to social distancing protocols, Samuel Bissell Elementary only has the capacity for one grade level.
Q:  Will the students social distance in the classrooms and how will it be enforced?  
A:  Yes. Teachers will assist with direct instruction, modeling and with gentle reminders.
Q:   What are the reopening plans for CVCC?  
a. If our child is enrolled in the THS virtual option is there a CVCC virtual option?
b. Is there an option to still attend CVCC in person even if we choose the THS virtual option?
c. If choose the THS on-campus option, how many days will our child be attending the CVCC campus?
A:  a) Yes  b)  Yes  c.)  Please direct specific questions about the CVCC program to CVCC.  You can find a copy of the CVCC reopening plan at:   http://www.cvccworks.edu/COVID-19Update.aspx  Click the Opening Plan 2020-21 link at the top of the page.
Q:  Hi! I was just curious about what contingency plan(s) were being discussed should someone within the district come to school with the virus resulting in spread
A:  The District is awaiting guidance from the Summit County Public Health Department.
Q:  How much of plans for safety/mitigating risk are considering that hygiene requests will likely be just that (i.e., some/many/most students, staff, etc. will not follow hygiene protocols as “requested”)?
A:  It is our expecation that all students and staff will follow hygiene protocols per the Ohio Department of Health and the Summit County Public Health Department.
Q:  How to determine if community virus spread is reaching levels that should affect school decisions? I.e., what indicators are being monitored to indicate change in plans is necessary?
A:  It is anticipated that the Board of Education will align with the Ohio COVID-19 Alert System. Additional guidance will follow.
Q:  I understand lunch is in the classroom. How are specials and recess happening, if at all? Will there still be choir, given singing risks?
A:  Lunch and breakfast will be in the classroom.  Depending on space constraints in the building, which we will have a better handle on when we know how many students are participating on campus vs. virtually, we intend to provide our students with a well rounded educational menu, including specials.  Specials may need to occur in general education classrooms (elementary).  We await direction from the public health department regarding vocal music.
Q:  Tough question- Since there is so much rearranging and shifting of students, teachers, grades, schools, schedules, busing, furniture, teacher/classroom supplies, is it a safe assumption that this is the plan for the entire 2020-2021 school year?  Just trying be realistic with my senior before she makes her decsion on what she chooses to do
A:  Yes, this plan will be in place for the 2020-2021 school year.
Q:  When will screening for Kindergarteners take place?
A:  Kindergarten screening will begin on July 31 through August 7.  Please visit the District website for more details.
Q:  Will 9-12th grade kids be permitted to go to the library or Twinsburg Fitness Center (if they have a membership) after school if their parents can’t pick them up right away?  Is there another location where students can sit and study after school while waiting for their ride home?
A:  Please check with the Twinsburg Public Library and/or Fitness Center for their guidelines.
Q:  If my family chooses the virtual academy option, does my student attend the soft opening for the chromebook distribution?
A:  Chromebooks will be available at the Virtual Academy orientation which will be held separately from the Soft Reopening planned for our on-campus option.
Q:  There were no school hours on the plan that was sent out. What schools are operating at what hours? That feeds into bus and transportation and back planning. These hours a important for parents trying to plan for work who go with option 1. I’m specificities asking about my daughter who will be at the high school in grade
Generally, final information about bus routes is forwarded to parents the week prior to the beginning of the school year.  We realize everything has a greater importance this year as our families make plans to accommodate the changes in our school schedules and bus routes.  To that end, we will provide bus route information as soon as we can.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Q:  High School 12- Will early release and late arrival still be available for seniors regardless of whether block or period schedules are used?
A:  Yes.
Q:  For the virtual option will the school be same number of hours as in person?
A:  Yes, the Virtual Academy will have the same number of hours as the on campus option.
Q:  For in-person instruction at the 1st/2nd grade level, would the students be present, in school, for full days or half days?
A:  Full days.
Q:  With the move of high schoolers to RBC, how will parking be handled for student drivers?
A:   At this time, parking will be assigned based on blue/white schedules. There will be an application procedure for student parking.
Q:  How will student parking work at RBC for the 10th-12th graders? Are there enough spots?
A:   Based on the blue/white schedule there should be adequate parking spaces.
Q:  Where will student drivers in grades 10-12 be parking at RB Chamberlin? Will Sophomores be allowed to drive themselves (and siblings) to school in the fall?  Where will parent drop off/pick up be at RB Chamberlin for grades 10-12 as well as at Dodge for grades 7-9?  Will start and end times be the consistent for both students at RB Chamberlin and Dodge or will they be different? Additionally when will the start/end times for both buildings be?
A:   Parents and students will be provided with this information as we near the beginning of the school year.
Q:   I have twins going into 8th grade. Will the school be ensuring that both students are in the same rotation schedule?
A:   It is our intention for family groups to attend school on the same day.  
Q:   My 7th and 9th grader will both be at Dodge, will they have the same start and end times and will they go on the same days?
A:   It is our intention that family groups attend school on the same blue/white day, but not necessarily at the same start/end time.
Q:   How will it be decided who goes to school on what day for high school students?How is the school day going to look in the building and from home?  Will kids be changing classrooms for every subject or are you looking to group kids together somehow?  If they are grouped together, will the students still have all the classes they signed up for taught by a teacher specialized in that subject?
A:  We are currently working to build the high school schedule. More details will be released as they become available.
Q:  How many credits do senior athletes need?  
A:  5 credits are needed for student athletes.
Q:  Will the on-campus plan for K-6 be a normal full day schedule or will classes be split by am/pm?
A:  Full day schedule.
Q:  We are being asked to keep our children home if there is any sign of illness in the household. We understand that this is for the safety of the entire community and we appreciate this. When we determine that our children need to stay home per this guideline, will they be able to do remote learning for that day or days even if we have elected the on campus option?
A:  We will not have a remote option for absences if students are in the on-campus model unless the school has pivoted to remote teaching and learning due to a COVID-19 related issue.  
Q:  When the high school students are learning remotely will they be connecting to a live class for learning and questions/ answers?
A:  No.
Q:  Will there be consequences for not attending or engaging in remote learning on their designated days?
A:  Yes, remote learning is considered a school day.  The Twinsburg City School District Student Code of Conduct will apply to all students, regardless of selected option.
Q:  Will the high school day of instruction be short like it was in the spring?
A:  No, it will not be shortened.
Q:  How much interaction with other classes will each class have?  For example, will there be recess and will multiple classes have recess at the same time?
A:  We want to provide opportunities for students to have breaks.  Recess may look different as children will be encouraged to play with friends in their classroom family group.  Playgrounds and other playground equipment will not be used.
Q:  Will they have PE or recess? If yes, how will that be conducted? If no, how will they get breaks and physical activity?
A:  As of this time, it is our intention to offer our students a full menu of learning opportunities, thus, Physical Education will be offered.  Our Physical Education teachers will plan fun and engaging activities that align with the PE Learning Standards without the need for the sharing of equipment.
Q:  At Dodge (for 7th through 9th graders), will students/teachers/staff be kept in clusters/groups? If so, how will this work?
A:  Middle school students will remain in their classrooms and teachers will travel between rooms to provide instruction.  Once the high school schedule is determined, logistical decisions regarding grade 9 will be finalized.
Q:   With the potential for no recess/lunch at the desk/specials in the classroom, which ultimately means less time transporting children around the school building, is there a plan for the school day to be shorter for the elementary-age children?
A:  We are not shortening the elementary day.
Q:  Can you please address the schools plan for specials/lunches/recess? Maybe give an idea of what the flow of the school day will look like for those who choose to send their kids? Specifically, how can we ensure kids can wiggle and learn interactively while maintaining social distancing? I am specifically asking about elementary age as they are the least used to being contained at a desk.
A:  Our educators will provide plenty of opportunities for our students to move.  Brain breaks, mask breaks, and movement will be built into the school day. 
Q:  Would it make sense to cut out preschool for this year and just offer kindergarten and first graders half days?  (cuts out lunch, naps, and recess, and both grades can stay at Wilcox)
A:  The Board of Education is committed to educating all of our students PreK through Grade 12.
Q:  Will grades 7-9 have PE and band/choir/orchestra?
A:  Yes, Physical Education, Band and Orchestra offerings are planned for the coming school year.  We are waiting for guidance from health officials regaring Vocal Music.
Q:  With in-person school, will gifted services continue to be provided?
A:  Yes, gifted services will continue to be provided. 
Q:  Will classes (K-12) follow the same school schedule (start and end times) are previous years?  I'd like to understand what remote learning will look like if teachers are in the classroom teaching in person during the same time.
A:  It is our intention to assign specific teachers to our on-campus classrooms and other teachers to our our virtual academy, however, there may be exceptions such as an AP teacher who may instruct classes on-campus while also instructing a class virtually.
Q: Will option 2 be synchronous or asynchronous learning? For option 1, will the at home portion of the blended learning be synchronous or asynchronous?
A:  Option 1 will include asynchronous/blended learning activities on the alternating days for grades 7-12.  Option 2 will be a hybrid model with a blend of both asynchronous and synchronous learning activities.
Q:   Will 9th grade students follow the typical high school time blocks?  Will 7th grade students also follow typical H.S. time blocks?
A:  To be determined.
Q:  Will 7-8th graders be required to change for gym class? Will those students have access to gym lockers?  Will 9th grade athletes have access to gym lockers so they can change for sports and store their sports equipment?
A:  We are waiting further guidance regarding lockers, including gym lockers.
Q:   The rearranging of schools effects everyone involved, especially students and teachers.  As if there isn't enough change taking place, i'm curious why change the schools?   and after school activities, will the highschool be empty for the 9-12 grades to attend the highschool for their activities?  or will it still be filled with little kids?
A:  At this time, athletic activities will be scheduled at Twinsburg High School.
Q:   Assuming preschool is held to 9 students per classroom how will the peers that are allowed to continue be selected?
A:  Peer models are selected through the District's lottery.
Q:  With no bussing will the high school start later than normal?
A:  School start times are to be determined.
Q:  With TCSD starting after CVCC (at least that is the plan for now) will TCSD still bus the students when TCSD is not in session?
A:  Yes.
Q:  How will 9th graders be expected to get to the HS for fall athletic practices or will they walk across the street to RBC for practice.  ie VB
A:  Just like our Lady Tiger Girls' Soccer Team travels to Dodge for practices, our students will need to travel to designated practice locations. 
Q:  When can we expect information about bus routes and school start times?
As mentioned during our Virtual School Reopening Parent Forum on Thursday, July 16th, we can offer a general idea of three bus route levels and school start times, however, please know that these times may change depending on the number of students who select our on-campus option as well as students who need school transportation: The school schedule and bus routes will be finalized once  we know how many students are participating on campus versus in our virtual academy:
Grades 5 - 8:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 6:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 7:00 a.m.
Grades 2 - 4*:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 7:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 8:00 a.m. 
(We are still working through details so we are uncertain as to whether students in grade 4 will be included in the routes beginning at 6:00 a.m. or the routes beginning at 7:00 a.m.  Those decisions will be made as soon as we have a better understanding of which students select the on-campus option vs. the virtual academy option.) 
Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 8:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 9:00 a.m. 

Social/Emotional Concerns

Q: We've not done a lot of our normal family activities this summer (public pool, zoo, museums, etc) because while they are opened the restrictions tied with going are overwhelming and seem to take away any enjoyment or fun that we would get out of the experience.  I am so scared school will be the same way for our children.  What will be done to ensure that school is still a fun, engaging, welcoming, comfortable place to be?  
A: We understand that so much change has occurred for our students and for their families, so we are intentionally building in fun and engaging activities for our students so they find comfort and enjoyment in being at school.  Students will participate in Morning Meetings, Brain Breaks, Specials, etc. for the express purpose of building a community with their classmates.
Q: How will grade-appropriate emotional supports be provided?  
A: Each morning, classes will start with a morning meeting to ensure students are in the best place mentally, socially and emotionally for learning.  District-wide initiatives that the students are already familiar with, such as PBIS and Zones of Regulation, will continue in all buildings.  
Q: Curious how teachers will be handling those situations that during normal times a simple hug would resolve.
A: As educators, we are often quick to show our affection for our students by a warm hug or a pat on the back, but of course, those actions cannot occur while this pandemic continues.  Therefore, teachers will think of alternate ways to show their affection for our students.  These ways may include air hugs, virtual high fives, and verbal affirmations.  A warm smile goes a long way in making someone feel loved, too!
Q: How do you plan to address the young students classroom routine? (Give then adequate time for play/movement, not just stuck in a chair)
A: Establishing a sense of routine and normalcy in these uncertain times will be very important as our students return to our campuses.  "Wiggle'/movement breaks, mask breaks, taking deep breaths, and playing music are examples of practices that may become part of our classroom routines.
Q: Will the children who attend virtually have access to the school counselors
A: Yes, students who attend the Twinsburg City School District Virtual Academy will have the same opportunities to access school counselors and our Beech Brook social workers as students participating in our on-campus option. There will be regular touch points individual appointments as necessary.
Q: Will there be balls and other activities for 2-6 to play at recess? Will kids have to wear mask at outdoor recess?
A: As we begin the 20/21 school year, our District will be very diligent in educating our students in safety protocols as related to this ongoing pandemic. Common equipment, such as playground equipment and equipment typically used for Physical Education classes will not be used as we want students to avoid sharing between students so as to minimize the spread of the virus. Lunch/Playground Assistants structure fun and safe recess activities. Accommodations will be made for students with food allergies.
Q: How will opportunities be created for socialization for students attending the Twinsburg Virtual Academy?
A:  Planned activities such as morning meetings with themes for connectivity will occur. Intentional socialization such as virtual chats and scavenger hunts will also be planned.
Q:  Is the school district planning to address the social/ emotional issues that some children may be experiencing due to attending school virtually?
A:   There will be mental health check-ins with school counselors and morning meetings daily. Additionally, Beech Brook Social Workers will continue to provide community-based mental health services and crisis support.
Q:  Will Beech-brook Counseling Services be available to work with the students virtually?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Is Parents involvement in being helpers In the classroom allowed this year? This is a very important role especially with the younger children.
A:   At this time visitors to the school will be restricted.
Q:   Is attendance enforceable for students that elect in-person learning versus the virtual academy? Removing elementary children from an environment with active learning, flexible seating, classroom movement, recess and outdoor playgrounds (2nd grader in High School) and regular specials classes, the children are going to be very restricted and will need mental health days and breaks from school. Does anything prevent us from giving our children a day off each week to accommodate these needs to ensure their mental wellbeing?
A:  We are encouraging good attendance; however, we understand that circumstances may occur which require the student to be absent from school.
Q:  For option 1, is there a time during the school day for social interaction between students?  If yes, what does that look like for each grade?
A:  Recess (as permitted), lunch time, and other breaks will be scheduled through the day to allow for social interaction.  

Special Education/Special Programs

Q: What accommodations will be provided for IEP students? How can we collectively ensure a plan of success?
A: The District will follow the individual student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Should there be concerns, an IEP team meeting will be convened and the concerns will be addressed through the IEP-team process.
Q: Are there any plans in place for students currently utilizing or applying for 504/IEPs in both in school and at home learning situations?
A: The District will follow students' IEPs/504 Plans.  Should there be concerns, an IEP/504 team meeting will be convened and the concerns will be address through the IEP/504-team process.
Q: If choosing the Virtual Academy option, will students on IEPs with special needs have virtual check-ins/meetings with special education teachers & staff, & someone to still help them make continued progress with their school based needs (social skills, emotional skills, occupational therapy, etc)?  
A: Students on IEP's that are choosing the Twinsburg City School District Virtual Academy will have the same services as those attending classes on-campus. Case managers will be monitoring progress and checking in with parents. Should there be a need to address concerns, virtual IEP meetings can be scheduled to address these concerns and identify services for success.
Q: I understand preschool classes are now capped at 9 kids. What will a day in the program look like now? Are there other changes being made? I assume that peer models will need to attend from the start of the year, as opposed to, say, doing virtual for a quarter and then attending.
A: The cap of 9 students to a preschool teacher will be followed. The program will continue to look the same to include both typical peers and preschoolers with disabilities. The enrollment numbers of our students with disabilities will determine the number of classrooms and staffing needs.
Q: Will gifted classrooms/lessons still be available in at-home learning?
A:  Gifted students who have Written Education Plans (WEPs)  and who select the virtual academy option will have their needs met via differentiation.
Q: Will IEP families meet with their team prior to the start of school to understand if the student is eligible for 5 day attendance and transportation?
A:  Students identified with a disability that are eligible for five-day attendance are those with significant learning disabilities as defined by their IEPs. Transportation will be provided for our students who are currently receiving transportation accommodations per their IEP. Transportation eligibility is defined in a student's individual IEPs by the IEP team and is based on the student's need.  Parents with questions should call the Office of Pupil Services at 330.486.2093.
Q: How can you ensure success of IEP/504 students, within the Twinsburg School district for remote learning?
A: Our staff will continue to provide all services for students with Section 504 Plans and IEP's per their documents. Communication and partnerships between our teams and families will continue to be an essential key to our students' success.
Q: What will the IPP program look like? With it being a play based classroom? Will the kids be able to play with each other and toys?
A: Our Integrated Preschool Program (IPP) will continue to be play-based. However, students will need to play socially distanced from one another. The items students play with will be sanitized between uses and will not be shared between students until they are sanitized.  Items that cannot be properly sanitized such as stuffed animals and costumes will not be used in our preschool programs this school year.
Q: For the full time Virtual Academy, how will kids on an IEP be supported? Will there be resource room/speech therapy, etc. be provided remotely for the kids?
A:  Intervention services provided in a resource room will also be provided in the Twinsburg City School District Virtual Academy using Google Classroom and teacher office hours. Teletherapy services will be provided for all related services such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.
Q:  How will you insure my 4 year old child stays 6 feet away from the kids not wearing a mask?
A:  Staff will model and teach appropriate social distancings starting with our soft reopening.  We will continue to model, offer gentle reminders and redirection.
Q:  I have a daughter with an auto immune disease and with cochlear implants. She is high risk but needs 1:1 face to face accommodations. What can be done?
A:  The District will follow the IEP and/or the Health Plan of the individual student.  Please direct specific questions to the Office of Pupil Services, 330.486.2093.
Q:  My 7th grade special needs will not wear a mask all day! He will not wear one for 30 min at walmart! But I am not equipped to teach him at home. What are the district thoughts on this.
A:   The District understands that some students with special needs/circumstances may not be able to adhere to the mask requirements due to their disability.  We will follow the guidance of county health officials and will develop a plan to keep the student and staff safe.  If there is a medical reason for which a child cannot wear a mask in school, parents are asked to forward a copy of that medical documentation to your child's principal.
Q:  How will the district be handling children on IEPs this year? Most specifically, is the district open to a blended approach where appropriate (partial class and partial online)? Will the staff be reviewing and updating IEPs as needed?
A:  The District will follow the IEP services as determined by the IEP team.  The District will continue to follow all state and federal guidelines , including service delivery and review.  
Q:  What does the staffing look like for intervention specialists, counseling, and resource room availability for 1st graders. These kids were expecting Wilcox and now don't know who will be supporting them, or how. Will there be familiar faces to turn to each day when there is an escalation? How are escalations handled in Bissell? How are escalations handled during COVID? (It's for these concerns I'm suggesting a blended approach)
A:  Staffing will be assigned according to the needs of the students.  Professional development will be offered according to students' needs. Escalating behaviors are addressed through Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Plans, and Crisis Intervention training.  
Q:   How will therapy and be conducted for 1st grade intervention students with pre-K through 1st being split between two buildings?
A:  Services will be provided per the students' IEP. 
Q:  My daughter has ADHD. Will this years virtual class have atleast 2 hours face to face with teacher? Concerned about her being able to "connect" with teacher virtually versus in the room
A:  Please contact your child's principal, case manager or school counselor regarding your child's individual needs.
Q:  My son has an IEP and I saw something about kids with IEPs being able to go 5 days.  Is that ALL kids with IEPs?  Or just select ones?  He is also going to be a CVCC Student.  He is going into 11th grade.
A:  Not all students with IEPs will attend 5 days a week.  Please contact the Office of Pupil Services with specific questions:  330.486.2093.
Q:  Will there by any specials for grades 7 & 8? Will they change classrooms for subjects? I understand lunch will be eaten in classroom but wondering what ability students will have to walk around. My son has ADHD and I can't imagine him staying in one classroom all day.
A:   It is the intention to keep the team concept at the middle school.  However, the teachers will travel.  Should your child need movement, please contact your child's principal or case manager so that a team meeting can be scheduled to address your child's needs.
Q:  I would like to know if it would be possible to get in person therapy for my son even if the school does not open back up. He receives speech, PT, and OT. Perhaps through a school approved private place? He did not respond well to teletherapy. Thanks!
A:  Specific questions such as this should be directed to your child's case manager.  An IEP team meeting can be scheduled to discuss specific concerns.
Q:  I have 2 children on an iep do they have to go back to school or can they do it online?
A:  All families have the option to select the virtual academy option or the on-campus option.
Q:  Will the superior cognitive cluster classrooms remain intact? Specifically 4th grade.
A:  Yes, this is our intention.
Q:   How will the KPP program be run? Will this have the virtual option as well? If so, what would be the duration and the structure?
A:   We are excited to welcome our Kindergarten Preparatory Program (KPP) students and our Integrated Preschool Program (IPP) students to another year of learning!  Our Kindergarten Preparatory Program (KPP) and our Integrated Preschool Program are offered in half-day sessions. Parents may select the on-campus option or the virtual academy option.  


Q:  What principals will be assigned to various schools/grades?
A.   With the realignment of grade bands to accommodate the six-foot social distancing requirements, it is necessary to reassign administrators to support our students, their families, and to support our staff.  Following are the administrative assignments for the 20/21 school year:
- Preschool and Kindergarten at Wilcox Primary School:  Lynn Villa, Principal and Scott Astey, Assistant Principal
- Grade 1 at Samuel Bissell Elementary School:  Lynn Villa, Principal and Julianne Walker, Assistant Principal
- Grades 2 & 3 at Twinsburg High School:  Misty Johnson, Principal and Scott Winter, Assistant Principal
- Grades 4, 5, & 6 at Twinsburg High School:  Reggie Holland, Principal, Iwanda Huggins, Assistant Principal, and a new Assistant Principal
- Grades 7 & 8 at George G. Dodge:  Jim Ries, Principal, Lisa Moorer, Assistant Principal, and an Administrative Intern to be named
- Grade 9 at George G. Dodge:  Laura Hebert, Principal and Mike Silverthorn, Assistant Principal
- Grades 10, 11, & 12 at RB Chamberlin:  Laura Hebert, Principal, Alex Popovich,  Assistant Principal, new Assistant Principal, and Brian Fantone, Athletic Director/Coordinator of K-12 Student Activities 
Q: Will students in the Virtual Academy be placed in traditional class groups with one teacher? What types of training will teachers in the Virtual Academy receive to ensure optimal learning environments? Will building a classroom community be encouraged via virtual class activities and interactions?
A: The Virtual Academy will have traditional student group placements.  Students in the high school and middle school will work with multiple teachers, just as they would if they attended our on-campus option.  Our educators have been engaging in high-quality professional development with a specific focus on remote teaching and learning since our Chromebook initiative was rolled out three (3) years ago, beginning at the high school.  Teachers participated in intensive professional development at the end of last school year and will be doing so, once again, as they return from their summer break.  Yes, community building will be a part of daily instruction.
Q: How is the district planning to have enough teachers for the younger grades who are being spaced out more in new buildings?  
A: The number of teachers that will be needed is dependent upon the number of students that are physically returning to our facilities. For the most part, our teachers are returning to the same assignments they had during the 19/20 school year. Some staff members may change roles depending upon the results of our parents' declaration surveys.  We may need to adjust our staffing once the survey results are submitted, however, we are committed to ensuring a safe learning environments and high quality instruction for all our students.
Q: Will the same teachers and guidance counselors from RB Chamberlin be teaching my 9th grader at the Dodge building?
A: Staffing for each school may look a little different. With that being said, most of the staff will be remaining with their current grade levels. Ninth grade high school students will have a high school counselor at Dodge.
Q: Will the students be taught by the teacher who would have been their in school teacher if they attend virtually?
A: For the most part, teachers who are assigned to teach students on-campus will not be assigned to teach students in the virtual academy.  However, there may be exceptions.  For example, a teacher assigned to teach AP Biology at RB Chamberlin may also teach a section of AP Biology to students in the virtual academy. 
Q:  Are the virtual teachers local?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Does the district have enough subs willing to come into the schools to cover normal teacher/staff absences?  And would there be any risks/precautions for subs if they have worked at other schools or districts within 2 weeks from coming to a classroom?
A:  It is the intent that all staff members follow the Health Monitoring Protocols.  
Q:  How will the administrators and guidance counselors from the high school be divided to serve the 9th grade students?  
A:   Staffing assignments are being finalized with information to follow.
Q:   What guidance counselors will be assigned to work with the various grades?  Parents need to know this before school starts for a variety of reasons.
A:  Staffing assignments are being finalized with information to follow.


Q: Will children in grades 2-6 that are all in the high school building be riding the buses together or be around each other a lot within the building?
A:  No.  Students will be separated into appropriate grade level pods at the high school.
Grades Preschool - 1:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 8:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 9:00 a.m.
Q: This year, when should we expect to receive the envelope having the final information about the bus number that will transport our kids (Grade 1 and Grade 7), and their pickup and drop-off times at our stop?
A:  As mentioned during our Virtual School Reopening Parent Forum on Thursday, July 16th, we can offer a general idea of three bus route levels and school start times, however, please know that these times may change depending on the number of students who select our on-campus option as well as students who need school transportation: The school schedule and bus routes will be finalized once  we know how many students are participating on campus versus in our virtual academy:
Grades 5 - 8:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 6:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 7:00 a.m.
Grades 2 - 4*:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 7:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 8:00 a.m. 
(We are still working through details so we are uncertain as to whether students in grade 4 will be included in the routes beginning at 6:00 a.m. or the routes beginning at 7:00 a.m.  Those decisions will be made as soon as we have a better understanding of which students select the on-campus option vs. the virtual academy option.) 
Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1:  Bus routes anticipated to begin at 8:00 a.m. with school beginning at approximately 9:00 a.m. 
Generally, final information about bus routes is forwarded to parents the week prior to the beginning of the school year.  We realize everything has a greater importance this year as our families make plans to accommodate the changes in our school schedules and bus routes.  To that end, we will provide bus route information as soon as we can.  Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Q: How do we get refunded for the 8th grade Washington Trip?
A: Current guidance suggests that students will not be provided opportunities for field trips during the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, our Board of Education will need to consider the refund of fees paid for the overnight trips which were rescheduled from the 19/20 school year which include Washington DC, Camp Fitch and Greenfield Village. We would anticipate Board action regarding this matter in August.  Once that occurs, the Treasurer's Office will coordinate the processing of reimbursement checks.
Q: Our daughter is starting in the IPP class as a three year old this year. Has any consideration towards possible tuition reimbursement been made, either prorated or otherwise, if extended closures occur?
A: If you select for your child to attend either the on-campus or the virtual academy option, services will be provided. If the District has to pivot to remote learning for our students, academic services will continue to be provided, therefore, reimbursement for tuition will not occur.
Q: Please advise when yearbooks will be received. We ordered two for Wilcox and one for RBC.
A:  Building administrators will return to school from their summer break during the week of July 27th. Please contact your building administrator about all yearbook inquiries.
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