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Getting Involved

Students that are interested in getting involved in the Academy should meet with your counselor and look into the Introduction to Business course and the Business Communications course.
Once in the Academy, then attending Twin Talks, Ahuja Medical Talks, volunteering, participating in camps and other offerings will begin to give a base for lifetime decisions.  You get out as much as you put into the program.  For every Academy event, hours will monitored to help with resume building in the future.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is a positive reflection of themselves, their families, and Twinsburg City Schools.   
There are careers students know.  There are careers that students do not know. And there are careers that do not even exist yet that students will have available later in life.  Because of this we encourage students to attend a wide range of career type events just to expose them to as many options as possible.  
Please encourage your student to participate to start to explore options for life after high school.  Parents are the key.  We provide the opportunity and parents supply guidance.  Helping with transportation to and from events for  your student and if at all possible sign up to volunteer at events that are sponsored by our partners.
We also encourage parents to attend these events with students to be able to engage in a constructive conversation with students after the events. Parents are the main influence on their children and it is important that proper information is known to help guide students to a suitable path.
Businesses & Organizations 
There are various levels of involvement listed below.  For further information please contact Norm Potter at [email protected]





Passive Partner


Being a passive partner means you are interested in being involved but currently are not prepared to take action.  You will receive weekly emails on the events of the Academy and are able to post information to the others involved.

Curriculum Development


As needed

Teachers and partners will work together to make the state standards come to life with real world input to show students theory and practice together in one curriculum.

Classroom Challenge 


As needed

Business partners will create challenges for students to work on in a classroom that fits the challenge the best.  Prizes can be awarded by the business

Classroom Speaker


As needed

Business speakers will be entered into our Speaker’s Bureau and you may be requested by a teacher to come in and speak with one or more classes.  All speakers have the right of acceptance of engagement

Site Visits Location

$100 for a substitute teacher

Transport will vary based on distance

As curriculum warrants a need

Teachers will request a site visit that ties into or enhances their current curriculum or counselors that may need a group of career interested students to see that work environment.  Trips will be set up through building principals

Twin Talk Speaker


Any speaker willing to speak for an hour long Twin Talk, which happens in the evening, will be put on a list and contacted my the Academy to work out dates and details of the talk

Summer Camps

Up to $1000

Per year

Developing a summer camp that meets the needs of our students and will not cost them anything.  We would like at least 15 sponsors to purchase t-shirts, meals, resources and other needs as appropriate.  Company logo will be placed on the t-shirt.



Once a quarter for Meet, Mingle & Mentor

As schedule for 1:1 Mentoring

Meet, Mingle & Mentor is a speed dating opportunity to meet several students and work for just one day a quarter to help with various aspects of preparing for work.  Topics and discussion will be led by the Academy personnel

1:1 Mentoring is a long term commitment and the schedule will be developed between the partner, parent, and student.



As needed

Consists of more than one student visiting a work site and observing professionals engaging in their jobs.  It is not necessarily a hands-on opportunity but rather the beginning of understanding the work that is done by people within that organization.  


#of students per event:2-5 students

Duration:3-12 hours 

Grade level:Sophomore or above

Academy Requirements: Commitment letter on file, 8 hours of event attendance

Arrangements:Made through a teacher and tied into classroom needs

Transportation:Made with teacher and school




Starting Pay Salary


The idea is to be embedded and working alongside career professionals.  These positions are either unpaid or paid positions. Each business will have a unique setup based on their current needs at the time of the internships.  Any experience is better than no experience so if the internship is unpaid the value in the long run will be worth a great deal to the student.


#of students per event:1 student

Duration:1 school year, varying schedules 

Grade level: Juniors & Seniors

Academy Requirements:Commitment letter on file, 20 hours of event attendance

Arrangements:Made through the administration, parents and partners 

Transportation:Handled by student and parents




The only differences between internships and apprenticeships is the duration and pay.  The apprenticeships are over a two year period and are paid positions by the employer. It may result in further training or continued education opportunities.


# of students per event:1 student

Duration:2 years, varying schedules 

Grade level:Juniors

Academy Requirements:Commitment letter on file, 20 hours of event attendance

Arrangements:Made through the administration, parents and partners 

Transportation:Handled by student and parents

Joint Professional Development

Cost of PD

As needed

Teachers and business professionals will attend professional development together to learn and build on the ideas presented together to be able to use in the classroom or workplace

Teacher Site Visits

$100 for sub


As needed

Businesses will welcome teachers to their worksite to have the teacher tour and get an idea of what is expected in that business.  The ideas will be used in the classroom by the teacher




Business will bring in or hire teachers for a summer of training and work to help deepen the understanding of that particular workplace.  The expectation is that the teacher and the business will help use that information and experience the the classroom the the years after the externship

Various Sponsorships

SPONSOR: Professional Development Opportunities

$100 for a substitute teacher

Plus the cost of the conference 

As opportunities arise

It is recommended that if a business partner sees an opportunity that they feel would be a great experience for a staff member, the partner can recommend the conference and it will be offered to the appropriate staff member(s).  Contact through Norm Potter





Per year

This will allow a sponsor to have a banner with their business name hanging in the room.  The money will go toward the resources needed in the room


Business Luncheon

$10-$15 per student

$100 for substitute teacher


Once a year

The Business communication course would like to teach students how to conduct themselves at a business luncheon.  (Gleneagle is willing to host the event.) Expenses can be picked up by multiple business which would allow each business to speak to the students

Promotional Items

Academy t-shirts ($6-$10 per student)

Academy polo shirts ($30 per student)

Business Cards ($10-$20 per student)


As needed

As part of the process to grow the Academy we must increase our brand.  

Students must also have resources to use when meeting partners

T-shirts will be given after attending 5 events

Students earn a polo shirt when they reach x amount of hours outside of school in academy events.

Students will earn business cards by attending x amount of academy events.

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