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Parent Resources
Below you will find resources for families as we transition from the traditional content standards to the Common Core and Ohio's Revised Academic Content Standards.
Also you will find information regarding our testing program ~ Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG).
The Next Generation of Assessments are here!
PARCC, OCBA, PBA, EOY – What do all of these acronyms mean? Please take a moment to look through the presentation to the Board of Education to see what the new assessments mean for your child.
Additional testing tips will be posted each week related to the upcoming assessments.
Parent Letters for 2015 Testing
Common Core Presentation
Ohio's New Local Report Cards
Just as your child’s teacher sends home a report card to tell you how well your child is learning, the Twinsburg City School District and each of our schools receive a Local Report Card each August from the Ohio Department of Education. The report cards tell our school community if we are doing a good job of educating our students. You can see our most recent report cards at reportcard.education.ohio.gov.

If you have seen these reports in past years, you may have noticed something different. The old report card that used terms such as “Excellent” and “Excellent with Distinction” to rate districts and schools has been discontinued. Our school district and each of our schools will now be rated with a letter grade of A-F on nine ways of measuring school success. One of our new letter grades is for “overall student progress.”

These letter grades should give you a clearer picture of how our school district and each of our schools are doing. Over the next two years, the Ohio Department of Education will add new ways of measuring how well we are serving our students. Starting in August 2015, our school district along with all school districts in Ohio will get grades on 18 items in six categories. We also will get an overall letter grade.

We do not know yet what our overall grade will be in two years. But please know that the Twinsburg City School District administrators, teachers and support staff are always working to improve our instructional strategies and your child’s learning.

You can learn more about Local Report Card grades and how they are determined at the website link above. If you have questions or concerns about the performance of the Twinsburg City School District or any of our schools in any of the areas listed on the report card, please contact your child’s principal or Superintendent Kathi Powers at 330-486-2000.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing
Wilcox Primary and Samuel Bissell Elementary Family Focus Night Math Resources (November, 2012)
Wilcox Primary and Samuel Bissell Elementary Family Focus Night Math Video Resources (November, 2012)
Samuel Bissell Elementary School 3rd Grade OAA Parent Information Night
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