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Twinsburg High School Orchestra

Many students have been leaving their violin/violas at the school. Students must bring instruments home each day (violins,violas). Students should be practicing 30 minutes daily.  Students should be tuning their own instrument and working on shifting/vibrato exercises in addition to daily scale work. 
Please do not purchase "Prelude" or "Red Label" strings. These strings are intended for beginners. They are not for intermediate string students. Violin and Viola students should be using strings with a "synthetic core" and aluminium/silver windings. (E strings are usually steel) Popular brands are Thomastik Dominat and D'Addario Pro Arte. All violin and viola students must have shoulder rests. Kun shoulder rests are highly recommended.
Students should be able to tune their instruments given reference pitches (A D G C E). These reference pitches can come from a chromatic tuner or keyboard.
Students are not required to complete Practice logs, however they should practice daily at least 30 minutes to perform at the required level.
 Playing assignments:
Major scales 2 octaves up through 4 sharps and 4 flats
D and E natural minor scales 2 octave 
Plus D flat major and B flat minor 2 octaves 
Juniors and Seniors should be performing 3 octave scales (Basses 2 octave) 
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