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Team Rules

R.B.C. Wrestling Team Rules



1. TEAM - Although wrestling is an individual sport We are a “TEAM”!!  We will work very hard together, we will support each other and we will respect each other at ALL TIMESALL School Rules are in effect at all times; practice, matches, tournaments, bus rides…

Make good decision and represent “OUR” program with pride at all times!!


3. Practice- Equipment needed for EVERY practice: headgear, shoes, and clean clothes.

Be dressed and ready for practice at 2:25 PM. Wrestlers should be seated and on wrestling room wall at the beginning of practice. Please note there will be practices over breaks (see Calendar)


4. After Practice- Rides must arrive promptly at 4:30 PM or at scheduled ending time (see Calendar)!!  Arrange to Carpool or to have a ride available at 4:30.  If an athlete cannot make arrangements to leave by 4:30 then it is not possible for them to be a part of the team.  After matches athletes will be able to call and make arrangements for rides with plenty of notice.     

Thank you for your consideration!!!


5. AWAY Events- Everyone must take the bus home from away events unless there is written approval from the RBC Office, specifically Mr. Ries.


6. Wrestle-offs are held weekly to earn positions on A and B teams. There will be 7 Wrestle-Off Dates. The Wrestler who achieves a majority of victories at a specific weight class will be the “A” Team Wrestler for the remainder of the season, including the T.A.B. Tournament. We will always try to get everyone a match at meets including the T.A.B. Tournament where we will enter 2 teams. If a situation arises where the line-up must be changed, decisions will be made by the COACHES and their decisions are final.


7. Weight - Wrestlers must make weight at the challenged weight class. A wrestler must be within two pounds of a weight class to challenge. If a Wrestler does not make weight for a competition they may not challenge or compete at that weight class the next week.  The Coaches do not encourage weigh loss!!


8. Attendance- If a wrestler has an UNEXCUSED absence form practice they MAY NOT wrestle off that week.  In order for a practice to be considered excused the wrestler MUST bring a signed note from home upon return to practice.  


9. Hygiene- Shower every night immediately after practice. Use ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP! Wash Practice Clothes Every Day!!!


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