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Patty Spring


Spring 5th Grade Math and Science
Week of Feb 20 - 23, 2018
 Career Day Follow Up
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Math News
  •  We will be working on fractions for all of February. The topic this week is multiplying fractions, with and without models.  We will focus on problem solving with multi-step problems for the remainder of the year. 
  • Instead of a quiz, I would like students to work on two Study Island assignments:      1) Real World Adding and Subtracting Fractions and 2) Multiplying with Fractions which will be due on Friday 2/23.   
  • Number Rock has some fun videos to help students learn about fractions in a fun way: 
  • Number Rock Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers 
  •         Number Rock Simplest Form Song
  •          Number Rock Fractions Videos
  •          NumberRock Add and Subtract Fractions
  • Gizmos (link, username, password below) also has some excellent fractions reasources. Just search for "fractions" and many goods ones come up.  I suggest "Multiplying Fractions", "Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers" and "Fractions with Unlike Denominators" for this week. 
  • Remember Mr. Math Blog as a good resource if your child is stuck on a lesson and their IMN isn't helping. Here's the link: 
  •                                       5th Grade Mr. Math Blog

  • Study Island: "Real World Add and Subtract Fractions" and "Multiplying with Fractions" will be due on Friday, February 23rd. 
Science News 
  • Challenge Science is now available on Google Classroom for students interested in learning more about science topics. Extra credit in science will be available using Challenge Science for the remainder of looping (5th and 6th grade).
  •              The class code is 2ra8yn 
  • All of the information about Challenge Science is written on the Google Classroom page. Please read the directions carefully. Students must turn in 2 documents via Google Classroom for each extra credit assignment. Poor work will not be accepted for extra credit. Two submissions are allowed each quarter. Each excellent submission will be entered as a 100% quiz grade in Progress Book. 
  • The Purple Class will switch to Social Studies and Green Class will be back in science on Wednesday. Our new topic is Energy: Sound Energy, Light Energy and Force and Motion.
Looping students also have access to Gizmos, an outstanding interactive website where students can reach a deeper understanding of 5th Grade Science topics.
Use this link:
The username is igoodstudent
The password is springrules  
Search for "physical science grades 3-5; waves,light and sound"        
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